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Monday, February 13

Yahoo Fantasy Football

So I was wondering what was happening with Yahoo Fantasy Football after noticing over the weekend that points hadn't been updated. Turns out it's died. Simon, WTF? Rock the Crossbar


  • Noofficial word but the message board on their website seems to suggest that it is indeed dying. Boo!

    By Blogger Rich Hughes, at 11:07 AM  

  • Yeah, that's where I got my news, as well. Some geek out there should be willing to take this on as a volunteer assignment. It's all too familiar to at least one poster here who joined a French fantasy league a couple of years ago only to see it cancelled due to lack of interest.

    By Blogger Glazer Shmazer, at 11:47 AM  

  • This is a disgrace but it looks final - an official announcement from Yahoo by end of day on the site itself - they couldnt wait till May??? WOrthless, I say everyone boycott yahoo in protest.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 12:01 PM  

  • Useless fuckers. I was coming on strong too, had already brushed Simon aside and was honing in on Rich.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 1:05 PM  

  • The French league though was a proper site run by fantasy I stated last year we should move over to that platform but no one listened.
    Perhaps you will consider for next year. Then again, it costs money.

    By Blogger Chris P, at 1:40 PM  

  • yahoo points now up, its possible we have been spared due to moaning from many....

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 2:31 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 6:31 PM  

  • Oh they are updated all monkeys. I must have missed Ronaldo's other two goals on Saturday as well as Ruuds second:

    R. van Nistelrooy (MAN - F)
    @POR [SELL] 18.04 5.00 1 2 0 0 0 2 0 1 2 0 27.00 27.00

    C. Ronaldo (MAN - M)
    @POR [SELL] 15.43 6.45 1 4 0 1 0 4 6 0 0 0 48.00 48.00

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 6:33 PM  

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