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Monday, June 25


"If an opportunity like Barcelona comes again, with all my respect for such a club, I will refuse" - Thierry Henry, 2006

Its been dead here lately but its time to get going again.

£16.1m? Seems a little cheap to me in this day and age. When was his contract up? I thought he signed a 4-year one after the 2006 CL final?

I wonder how much Arsenal would have got for him if they had cashed in 12 months ago?


  • I agree Johnno, 16 mill is cheap. People here who are foreign football fans say its a lot for a 30 year old with injury problems.
    Yes thats true but in home market terms, i see Darren Bent going to SPuds for 17 million and Henry at 30 is better than Bent will ever be, absolutely ever - by miles.
    Also Henry has a long contract, is a captain and a recognised global superstar so this should have been at least 20 million. We sold Vieira at 14 and that was cheap too - he went on to win back to back Serie A Titles.

    In retrospect we sold him a year too late and this year we had a crippled whiney Frenchman who did alright but wasnt worth the alleged 40-50 mill we could have had for him a year ago.

    I am glad he was sold, it was time for all concerned and I doubt he will do as well at Barcelona.

    I wish he had remained the Henry of Jan-May 2006 but he didnt, that Henry is near priceless.

    As for David Dein , i think this was the excuse to leave and he would have left anyway.

    We now need serious influx of talent or we will fall to being a second tier club - or we need some yank Billionaire, all of England seems to have one now but us.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 11:29 AM  

  • Good post Simon. I agree with you especially on the Darren Bent comparison which is one I was going to mention in my post.

    Barca will certainly be even more entertaining to watch next season with the possibility of Henry, Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto and Messi on the field together. Can they all play together? Who knows but it will be fun finding out. If one of them goes it will probably be Eto though I could also see Mourinho casting an eye towards Deco.

    The David Dein thing does seem like an excuse. I don't know much about the guy (other than he was Arsenal's little mole in the FA) but players generally don't change clubs because an executive leaves. If Arsenal had the likes of Ronaldinho, Viera, Robben, Ronaldo etc playing around Henry would Thierry have been so upset by Dein leaving?

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 2:31 PM  

  • Selling Henry off was made a foregone conclusion because it was so evident that he wanted to go. Definitely the Dein talk is just a cop-out. No player makes a decision like that based on the movement of a Director of Football, even if he is tied very closely to him. Henry just wanted to go and like Veira before him, couldn't muster the character to just say so.

    And because he didn't, Barca were able to snap him up cheap because they knew he would be leaving. And because it's completely unthinkable that Reyes will return to the Emirates, we'll have to accept a major devaluation there too.

    I really do want to see these Spanish clubs, Barca and Real especially, hoisted up on their own petards very soon. It seems like they are able to create unrest in any Premiership club they care to.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 2:19 PM  

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