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Tuesday, December 9



Friday, June 6

An Open Apology To Rich

This is overdue mate, but I have to concede that Bakary Sagna's hair did after all turn out to be the worst in the Premiership. I predicted that Torres would offer competition in this department, but disappointingly, he chose to concentrate on scoring 24 goals in his first premiership season instead. Scouse salons must be on the brink of insolvency as a result. I should have known that Sagna's 'do was already as high as the silly hair bar could be raised. I shall defer to you on matters tonsorial in the future.

Tuesday, February 12

FSF Petition

Anyone like me who thinks that this idea to throw a Premiership game here, and there, is an blatant money grab by the Premier League can add their name to the Football Supporters' Federation petition. Click Here To Sign

Tuesday, January 22

Week 15 prediction results

Shockingly Anthony wins a week - hell has frozen over indeed. Blind squirrel finds nut shocker.... Allan maintains a good lead after his strong Xmas performance.

more of Jose on Setanta Sports

Sheer class.

Wednesday, January 2

Hilarious Jose is BACK

Well sort of... Here he is on his new Show, I'm on Setanta Sports. Very funny.

Wednesday, December 26

He's Just a Fat Gary Mabbutt..

This was my favourite chant at the Emirates this past Saturday. When Tom Huddleston came on as sub, the lads behind us started a chant of "You're just a fat Gary Mabbutt" Absolutely priceless banter. The game itself was a great experience, the Emirates is an incredible stadium, the food is ridiculously overpriced so we had burgers outside on the street which were much better value :) Inside was amazing though and despite a shocking first half we had a great second half and the pleasure of seeing that muppet Keane miss badly twice. Bendther scored right in front of us and to me will always be a legend now. Pick that out you Spuddies. A great day out.

Friday, December 21

Holiday Roasting

Tis the season. Evans also cleared in rape claim.

Monday, December 17

Super Sunday

Two big games yesterday and two big wins for the top two. United beat Liverpool at Anfield again. This Anderson kid is really growing on me and is only 19. I thought he was shocking in his first few games when they played him up front. Hargreaves was very good yesterday too. This is the kind of game he was bought for. Most of Liverpools best chances came from some Van Der Saar craziness rather than any great creativity. Rooney should have wrapped it up with 10 to go instead of subjecting me to the agony of those late free kicks. Gotta love the lad for kissing his badge in response to the "you fat bastard" chants. Was delighted Kewell started instead of Babel. Really enjoyed the Arsenal - Chelsea game. If you had told me beforehand the game would be decided by two keepers I would have said Chelsea would win but Cech had an uncharacteristic error while Almunia made some screaming saves. There are still lots of twists and turns to come I am sure.

Week 13 pick the score results.

Steve picks up the win in a week where most people got stuff wrong. A lot of people only got one or two results right.. out of 10.

Monday, December 10


NEW ORDER 1990 - WORLD IN MOTION - Remember what John Barnes looked like before he ate all the pies and was getting abuse from England fans every week - John Barnes next game was always his last chance. (And Frank Lampard thinks he has it bad).

Three lions 96 This is maybe the best footy song ever made? So good it had a sequel! Clips of Alan Hansen with Jimmy Hill :) Here is the sequel - Three Lions 98 Then we have Hurry up England , the WC 2006 song - ANd lastly - for sheer shocking England music - we have Vind-a-loo, which is aimed at the fans that cant read or remember a lot.

Week 12 picks corrected

Somehow i entered a load of scores wrong this week and the previous results (now removed) were all hocus. So trying again: JOhn O TOole wins, BBC LAwro second and 3 people third (Jim/Allan/Chris). Anthony in fact does not win and comes second last.

No Chance in Hell

Bruce Arena has made no secret that he has thrown his name into the hat for the Scotland vacancy. If I were to publicly announce that I am now open to dating supermodels, the effect would be the same.

Arena is beyond delusional. Pigs will fly, les poules auront des dents, hell will freeze over, the US wil win the World Cup. All these things will happen before Arena gets the Scotland job.

Saturday, December 8

Snoop Dog and Becks

Seems Beckham is enjoying his time in LA. Can't understand why Snoop didn't want Landon Donovan to teach his children though.

Might as well.