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Thursday, September 28

Roy Keane has astonishingly heaped praise on Arsene Wenger who today celebrates 10 years at Arsenal and ruining United's total domination dreams. Roy says "Wenger is the best manager in football, I only wish I could have played for him and partnered Vieira who was the best midfielder the Prem has ever seen".

Monday, September 25


So we are just 6 games in and United have already peaked. Beaten by their rivals, and now unable to beat Reading, its clear they wont be able to challenge Chelsea going into December and questions must be raised about their transfers (dropping 14-18 million pound Carrick against Arsenal). Now certain United fans in the past have said I shouldn't be looking at United and should concentrate on my own club but my club deservedly wins at Old Trafford and takes 6 from 6, I feel it okay to assess the rivals... Surely its all over for United?

Tuesday, September 19

Shut Up Already

While I still think he can be something, I've been through apologizing for this panzy for ages. If MLS is going to spend $900K to keep him happy, they should invest another $30,000 employing some intern whose job it is to keep Landycakes quiet.

Friday, September 15

Classic emails Thread (Do I f*cking know you?)

Subject: Cr@p Chrimbo Gifts Instead of having to suffer the usual connect-4s or Buckeroos, some idiot bought me a starkick!! Is if my skills need improving. I took it for a test drive in my living room and managed to scare the shìt out of the cats, which was good. However, my patented lollipop left my right peg wrapped in Velcro, causing me to fall to the ground. So starkick has helped me become more like Ronaldo – stepover and fall to the floor has now been mastered. So thanks, Burkie.

Wednesday, September 13

Arena Interview

Good stuff from the Bruce.

Tuesday, September 12

Make the Lambs Stop Screaming

Just spotted this on the Guardian's minute-by-minute and got angry all over again... 89 mins: Chelsea substitution: John Obi Wan Kenobi on. Michael Ballack off.

Ashley Cole Book Review

For all you erudite types

Friday, September 8

Can't wait for Man U - Blackburn

So, apparently Michael Gray thought it would be a laugh to ask for a threesome with Rooney's bird in front of said bird. I can just see Rooney having a Roy Keane moment standing over his fallen prey, "Now take that you c&*t, if I so much as catch you looking at my bird I'll rip your boll$%ks off". This of course, will be in one of his future books.

Wednesday, September 6

The Irish Chelsea?

Some big developments in the League of Ireland this week with the news that Dublin club Bohemians are to sell their famous old home, Dalymount Park, to property developer Liam Carroll for €40m as well as a purpose-built 10,000-seater stadium.

Under the proposal, Carroll – who is reputed to be worth in excess of €1.5bn – will pay Bohs approximately €40m, including annual payments of €3.2m until the new stadium is ready, with the balance payable after Bohs leave Dalymount Park.

Early projections forecast that the new stadium, off the M50 near Ballymun, could be built within five years, when the balance of approximately €25m would be paid.

Dalymount has been home to Bohs for the past 105 years. It was also historically the "home of Irish football" holding Irish internationals and FAI Cup finals. However, the ground was hardly developed from the 1940s until the early years of the new century and has fallen out of use as a major venue, except for the home games of Bohemians.

Now this would be a decent amount of money to most English clubs but to a League of Ireland club it is astronomical. All clubs in the top division are already full-time professional but I think wages are probably on a par with English Division 1 and 2.(or lower) As a result, the top clubs in the league have been able to attract players who could be playing in Div 1 and 2 in England. (feels weird to write that but you know I mean the good old-fashioned division 3 and 4)

Since the league switched to a summer format a fwe years ago, the European results have really improved as it gives the League of Ireland teams a chance to play European matches while they are in peak mid-season fitness and their opponents are in pre-season shape. Derry City for example have beaten IFK Gothenburg and hammered Scottish Cup Finalists Gretna 5-1 away in the UEFA Cup so far this year and play Paris St Germain next.

Anyway, I am not sure what this influx of cash to a single club will do for the League of Ireland as a whole but it will be interesting to keep an eye on Bohs over the next 5-10 years. If they can start attracting players of an even higher standard than English Div 1 and 2 and make it through to the Champions League league stages some year (Shelbourne went out at the final hurdle last year to Deportivo) that means even more money down the road. Of course, in true Irish fashion, all the money might just go missing and the club could be broke in 10 years.

Tuesday, September 5

West Ham

I know we covered this last week but it just is so ridiculous their unveiling needs a mention.

Striker Tevez justified his move to Upton Park. He said: "First and foremost West Ham were very interested in our services and made us a firm offer and the chance to play in the Premier League which were important factors in why we chose to come to West Ham." Mascherano insisted: "It was a boyhood dream of ours to come to England. You want to go where you are going to be most wanted."

Pardew stated "These are two guys on the world stage who have come to us in a manner which is undisclosed and has some mystery around it." Meanwhile the Daily Mail reported that this Joorabchian fella is a business failure with precarious finances

I think this whole thing will blow up and could spell the end for West Ham. I doubt he has a sound financial base to buy West Ham. Therefore, he brings in two world class players to woo the supporters and prempt any opposition to his bid. He then buys the club presumably with a web of holding companies blurring a clear picture of his finances. Bang a year later he sells Tevez and Maschareno for a nice little profit, takes the money (the terms of the contracts are not disclosed, methinks the sports agency retains any profit on subsequent sales whilst West Ham gets use of players) and saddles the club with his debt involved in buying club or more likely one of the holding companies involved goes bankrupt and WestHam is taken over by creditors / lose their ground.

Friday, September 1

Proof Positive that Man Utd. are Pants

This explains why Busby walks the way he does. Must ride up something fierce