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Tuesday, June 26


Apparently about to announce deal with DISHTV... I hope Comcast isnt far behind... Also GolTV was supposed to be bought out but that failed.. They are showing the Copa America all month, the yanks get to play real teams in this, not Canada and Guatemala. They play Argentina Thursday night! Commentary in English, though it may be Ray Hudson who is by far and away the WORST commentator to have ever come out of England. BY MILES.

Monday, June 25


"If an opportunity like Barcelona comes again, with all my respect for such a club, I will refuse" - Thierry Henry, 2006

Its been dead here lately but its time to get going again.

£16.1m? Seems a little cheap to me in this day and age. When was his contract up? I thought he signed a 4-year one after the 2006 CL final?

I wonder how much Arsenal would have got for him if they had cashed in 12 months ago?