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Monday, October 30

Ah Good Times

From Ronnie O'Brien's wikipedia entry:'Brien

In August 1999, Time Magazine in the United States conducted an internet poll to find the Person of the Century. Mischievous friends in Bray sent an e-mail urging Irish people to vote for Ronnie O'Brien. O'Brien vaulted his way to the top of the standings, beating out such notables as Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King and Yitzhak Rabin. Then there was a computer crash, which Time said was a result of too many people voting online at once. Instead of being named Person of the Century, O'Brien was taken out of the running, because Time officials said not enough people had heard of him. The official rules stated, "whimsical candidates will not be counted."[1]

Wednesday, October 25

Play beautiful my arse

So FIFA has admitted that 58% of players treated for injury on the pitch during the WC were simply feigning it. Are you going to throw the lot of them in the pit Eric?

Tuesday, October 24

Defoe - Ponce, nutter or other?

What was the point of doing this? A comical nibble? It's not as if you are going to hurt someone biting through their shirt. Said Defoe, "I reacted in a bit of a mischievous way; my character is a little like that at times." I did not see the match but looks as if we correctly predicted that the arrival of the two argies would mark the end of the club. They lost to Chesterfield tonight and Pardew is sure to get the sack. Who's blowing bubbles now?

Thursday, October 12

Warnock - Little Englunder Eejit extraordinaire

Warnock has blamed England's inability to complete at the international level on too many foreign players in the English premiership. He claims foreign players have better technical abilities and the reason English players lack those skills are because foreign players are in the Premiership. This would only make sense if English players were making way for foreign players which is not really the case if you look at England's squad.

Warnock is advocating restrictions on the number of foreign players in the league. He's clearly right. If all foreign players were removed the league could revert back to playing the long ball and players' technical skills would clearly blossom by competing against comparable or inferior opponents.

If you want to be the best, you got to play the best. F%*k off back to the First Division.

Monday, October 9

what did you do today?

Well I was here - we drove up this morning for my first look at Ashburton Grove and its brilliant - really great looking stadium. All the way round it looks top to bottom fantastic - you can see the old Highbury to one side and driving down Holloway Road you would never know its there its so well placed. One downer was Dad got a 50 pound parking ticket 3 blocks from the stadium - facking England.

Sunday, October 8

How long has this man got?

5-2 to Cyprus Stunning result which left the Burke household sick of football yesterday, especially as England were poor against Macedonia. Thank God I didn't have to spend 20 dollars on that. Then we have Wales who were murdered at home by Slovakia. Yet somehow Scotland won and a gracious Thierry Henry said they didn't deserve it (which is true based on the highlights I saw). The English media here have DESTROYED Rooney today, luckily he cant read so probably isn't aware of it though i didn't think he was that bad yesterday, his touches were poor at times, he isnt match fit i feel but yet he nearly scored the winning goal and was everywhere. They painted him as washed up and Beckhamlike today. Crazy. Well that's the international round up.

Friday, October 6

Hissoner duped - North End shocked

For those not from around here, that's Mayor Menino proudy hoisting the World Cup trophy. He actually kissed it. "Italian Americans" queued up for hours to pay $5 to get their picture taken with it. The North End practically had a festival for the cup.

Only it was not the real cup but a cheap replica Budweiser has been parading around the US.

This makes me happy.

Tuesday, October 3

WTF - Baseball in the UK

Stumbled upon this link whilst looking at It looks like the MLB is trying to "grow the sport" in the UK. We learn that baseball is the "world's best attended sports league". That's a bit dubious. Seems they are counting 186 games * avg attendance = x while footie would be 36 games * avg attendance. That really says a lot. From the website it looks like there are actual teams playing in the UK. Hope this is on par with netball. Simon, WTF!

Monday, October 2

internet gambling

Heads up, this past Saturday Congress snuck in a bill which makes it illegal for credit card companies to process payments based on internet gambling. Its been attached to a bill on Port Security - don't you love the US? What the 2 have in common I have no idea. Anyway - in about 10 days its probably going to become law and and another major gambling company have said this will force them to shut down US operations.

Club of hate

This is class, first Scholes with his hatefest but he has now been outdone by hater Rio showing that United clearly have a problem. Link is HERE

Incidentally looking at this picture I have to say this seems to be self loathing hate.