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Monday, July 31

Last years top 5 transfer dealings.

Finally Arsenal are getting moving - after sneaking Rosicky its been quiet but we are snapping up a cheap Ghanaian who had a great World Cup, Shilla Illiasu. Apparently this African will cost us 1 million and is another good Wenger find I think. We need a left back and probably are getting SWP .. or Baptista.. If we improve the away form we will be in their for 2nd or 3rd. If we don’t its 5th.

United seem to have paid 18 million for Michael Carwreck. I point out that Arsenal didn’t want him for a third of the price 2 years ago. Still its a start and United have paid that 'United Tax'. If they can get Senna for 5 million then United fans have a reason to care about the season - do they stick with Rossi/Smith/Solskjaer as back up to Rooney/Saha? Should be enough I think. Vidic and Evra should be 'adjusted' by now. I don’t rate Evra but Vidic I think will do fine. If United could get Tevez I think they would be a great team. Also they should consider Luca Toni who I think would do well for them. 20 goal a season Ruud will be hard to replace.

Liverpool have signed 100 players, I cant list them all but 2 of them are headcases, Bellamy and Pennant. I wouldn’t have taken Bellamy - they are linked with Kuyt still as well. For a team that likes 4-5-1 (and Crouch is the one) they are bulking up a bit on strikers. Bellamy wont enjoy being on the bench. I don’t see why they are loading up on wingers (Kewell, Zenden, Gonzalez, Gerrard, Riise, Pennant). Too many players there. Still they have a huge squad now to pick from and I think will have a good season. I have them as second this year

Chelsea - lost a fair few players, going to kick out SWP as well but will still win league comfortably as they will have Ballack, Shevchenko and probably Ashley. Not to mention they picked up Kalou for extra cover up top.

Tottenham - WHERE DOES THEIR MONEY COME FROM? Well, apparently Manchester now but prior to Carrick they were still getting in lots of players. Going to be tough to keep out of the top 4 this year. I hope Zokora is crap.

Friday, July 28

Minister of Propaganda (

"All across the country, we are in the midst of a summer soccer celebration. In addition to an exciting regular season, international clubs have made their way to the U.S. to take on MLS clubs." Above these words, treated its many viewers this morning to a caption worthy of the NY Times (or the Weekly World News): Catch The International Soccer Celebration. Other featured stories include hack-writer/club coach Marc Connolly kissing Arena's butt with praise for taking US Soccer to new heights AND and video of the "goal of the week" from Jerrod Laventure of The Red Bulls. Yes, that's the Jerrod Laventure everyone in the Laventure family has been speaking of lately. For all of you RTC contributors jaded by the British tabloids and their respectable football columnists, take a visit to and see what life in the USofA is all about!!! We love it!!!

Wednesday, July 26


Sure the story will be rubbished by the evening paper but allegedley Cole on way to Chelsea for 20 million pounds. Meanwhile, some WestBrom defender is rated at 10MM. They're having a laugh. What's interesting is Chelsea letting Duff go for 5MM to Newcastle when a 10MM offer was rejected from another club. Are Chelsea that rich that they might let a player go for less money to a smaller, less threatening club than go to a bigger club at market rates? 5MM for Duff is a snip. Also, what about Mourinho's new do? He shaved his head to prepare for war. Mourinho appears to be dealing with what Ranieri dealt with: keeping a squad full of world class players happy. I think some enterprising club should make a cheeky bid for SWP such as Fulham. Why not? If they let Duff go for peanuts why not SWP.

Tuesday, July 25

Dunga named coach of Brazil?

Remember this advocate of Jogo Bonito? Dunga AKA Dopey, the Piltdown Sam of Brazil, more likely to usher in a regime of defensive cloggers of his ilk. For me, the moment he won the World Cup was a tragedy. Once they achieved success with his style of play, they've since always played with two defensive midfielders, the excruciatingly negative Emerson and some other guy, Ze Roberto, Gilberto Silva. OK when it's a tasty side like the Argies. But against the likes of Japan, Australia, and Croatia? Eh! This is no doubt a reaction to Brazil's limp showing in the World Cup, but do they really need a more defensive outlook? They conceded exactly 3 goals in 5 matches. What they might want to consider is someone who can bring back the days of '82 when you and they knew they could score at will. Dunga would only get my vote for the job ahead of a combination of that half embalmed old Nazi Havelange and his fat bandit son-in-law Texiera. I'd sooner take Socrates even if one of his conditions of taking the job was being allowed to build a bonfire on the sideline to keep his endless cigs going. Hell, I'd take Pele ahead of Dunga even if El Rei insisted on being player manager and guaranteed a number 10 shirt emblazoned with an advertisement for Cialis! Dunga? Hell, no!

Anti-MLS tirade part 17

Check this out ! DC United play at home against Real Madrid .... in SEATTLE. So as not to upset ticket sales of another game in New York. SPEECHLESS

Monday, July 24

Too much time on my hands (Styx)

This gets my vote as the WORST pro soccer player web site in the history of the world: Wait, maybe this one: Nope, I've found it!!! Check out this site to match the SWEET shin ball above:

Sunday, July 23

FIFA rankings

I know we shouldn't waste our time with FIFA rankings but could somone please explain why 1) Brazil is still number one - can kind of see that 2) Argentina is #3 3) England is ranked 5th ahead of Germany and Portugal and 4) The US is ranked 16th while Ghana is 25th 5) the Czech Republic is still #10,2548,All-Jul-2006,00.html

Friday, July 21

Housekeeping note: word verfication turned on

Sorry but I had to do it - we just got hit with 50 spam posts in a minute. Rich

New club for Johno to hate

McCarthy to Wolves. He will link up with Gary Breen there who just signed. No word yet if McCarthy will go in for Steve Staunton or try to talk Niall Quinn out of retirement.

Thursday, July 20


Here we see 'spanish devil' Benitez applying technology, math and intellect to the beautifull game. Witchcraft! Burn him!

Sports Guy on English football

Bill Simmons has decided to pick an English team and follow them for a year. So the article has some inaccuracies but it is entertaining and will probably help educate his regular readers a bit

Wednesday, July 19

Once In A Lifetime -- Go See It

I saw this movie and it was good fun to watch. I missed most of the NASL, only getting to see the SJ Earthquakes vs. the TB Rowdies once and the Washington Dips vs. the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers another. And then it was gone. This film has great Brazilian footage of Pele playing for Santos that I hadn't seen, a snippet or two of Chinaglia in his Lazio days. Even better are the candid interviews from the Cosmos players and management, like Beckenbauer, Messing, Firmani, and Carlos Alberto. And for GAC, lots of Dennis Tueart. I recommend it.

Sunday, July 16

Oasis - The Masterplan (Performed at Maine Road)
I'm not sure why I'm adding this to RTC, other than the fact that it's the greatest Oasis song ever and the performance was from a concert at Maine Road!!! I believe that Psycho has a masterplan, as well, and I hope it involves keeping Joey Barton on the squad. Chelsea are going down on August 20!!!

Friday, July 14

It's official - no more Arena

"U.S. Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati said Friday that Arena's contract would not be renewed when it runs out at the end of the year. A search for a replacement will begin immediately, Gulati said, adding that no potential candidates have been contacted" - I don't care how they spin it. Glad this Humpty Dumpty bozo is gone. Things could get worse I suppose but at least no more of this joker

Wednesday, July 12

Manchester United

Okay for Johnno who was worried about there only being wanking material for a month..

Its Silly Season and one club right now has all the rumours going on. YERNITED. Questions:

A) WILL RONALDO STAY? Can he co-exist with Rooney, Can Fergie sit them down together? Will the English let him enjoy himself or will he be ridiculed al year, even by United's fans. Will he get smashed in the face on a shopping trip with his Mum by some hatefilled fan?

b) WILL RUUD STAY? Left United after being asked to leave it seems. Missed Roy's goodbye - had a shocking World Cup and saw his value plummet. United need a striker though - they already have Ruud - is it best if Fergie kissed and made up or if he blew 25 million on Torres?

c) WHEN WILL ROONEY EXPLODE AGAIN? And will it be on day one of preseason when Ronaldo comes near him....

Stop looking at how guilty I am!

Yeah right, as if you couldn't see this one coming a mile away. From today's online Telegraph. "No doubt sensing the mood of the nation, the verdicts on Juventus, Fiorentina, Lazio and AC Milan, not to mention the two dozen referees, club and federation officials who stand accused, was put on the back burner for a few days." "Chairman of the judging panel, Cesare Ruperto, said nothing officially but privately lawyers for the clubs and the federation were told not to expect a decision until Friday at the earliest." "Although the Italians must declare their Champions League and Uefa Cup entrants for next season by July 27, Italy coach Marcello Lippi is still to be interviewed by the judges over his links to agent son, Davide's, role in the scandal." "So too are the judges who are considering an appeal by the federation's prosecution lawyers to relegate Juventus to the Third Division and Lazio, Fiorentina and Milan to Division Two. To have announced their decision yesterday might have also looked insensitive on the day Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro and Juventus team-mate Gianluca Zambrotta took the World Cup trophy to the Turin hosital where their former team mate and recently appointed team manager Gianluca Pessotto is recovering after his suicide attempt. " "In an effort to fill the vacuum caused by the delay, pressure from politicians was growing last night on the federation to declare an amnesty in the case." "Clemente Mastella, the justice minister, repeated calls for the clubs to be let off. "Let's do what they did in ancient Rome: whoever has given us prestige and dignity should be treated differently," he said." "Silvio Berlusconi, the former prime minister who owns AC Milan, said that his team, alongside Juventus, formed "the spine" of the national squad, and should therefore be excused. "We cannot penalise the fans," he said." "Even the normally staid Piero Fassino, a senior figure in Romano Prodi's government, asked the tribunal for "clemency". Yesterday, Prime Minister Prodi said Italy's World Cup win had restored dignity to Italian football."

There is hope...

Although it was difficult pulling myself away from the "Sanford and Son" marathon on TVLand on my day off from work, I've just spent the last thirty minutes (okay, two hours) checking out a lot of roster pictures for women's college soccer teams in Massachusetts. The verdict? Well, for starters, Boston University definitely wins the gold medal for UGLIEST TEAM. My search was the result of a recent condition I like to call Foudyitis, described commonly as the need to seek out a female soccer player with skill and basic communication abilities. My personal MVP is Katharine Barry of Mt. Holyoke College, a senior-to-be with seemingly limitless potential (see picture here for evidence). I would like to open up a competition to the RTC participants: find the hottest college soccer player in the USA (I still like that girl from Georgia, too, but that's a bit of a stretch for a stalking roadtrip). So, the challenge has been established. All entries must include pictures and link for verification purposes. (Note: Mt. Holyoke has a match at MIT on 9/23. I might stop by to watch. Go team!)

Tuesday, July 11

Challenging wank material #1 (of a series)

This one will be hard, or really it *wont* be hard. Julie Foudy. She's no Michelle Lissel. I had a quick shufty here: lookign for her 'best side'. This may be it... Sorry lads... just can't do it. And she's a daft bint who should never be allowed near a microphone.

Monday, July 10

I love Zidane

Since when do we use video replays? Farcical FIFA do it again.

Sunday, July 9

"Thierry Henry wishes Zidane was Bergkamp"

Good article here. Slightly arsenalcentric (it come off an Arsenal focused website) but mainly an analysis of some of the players involved in today's final.

Friday, July 7

Concrete Balls

Jesus, this is funny Check this out, great German prank.

Thursday, July 6

Goal of the tournament

These are BBC's picks, i cant complain - these dont include the semis.

Ronaldo and Scolari having a laugh

Ronaldo had some ridiculous dives yesterday that should have resulted in a card or two. I especially liked the one where he leaned into a French player and then fell down prompting even Domenech to make the diving gesture. Now Ronaldo has the temerity to complain that he was fouled and a penalty was not given. There is no way for him to return to Man U. I liked the catcalls and the hate filled interviews with England supporters after the match on Sky Sports. Bon debarras tricheur!

Wednesday, July 5

For those who had a powercut yesterday

That would be me - i lost the last 20 minutes of this game. here are the last 3 minutes of it courtesy of some british TV :) Great finish.

Tuesday, July 4

Sent off for stamping - Hang the Swede

I have to agree 100% with Wayne Rooney. Rooney states he did not intentionally step on Carvalho but was the natural result of Carvalho sliding in under him and if anything a free kick should have been given for fouls commited against Rooney. The Argie ref, however, called it a "clear red" and also insisted that no Portuguese players had dived during the match The Argie makes a few more outrageous commments before adding: 'In general I am very satisfied with the spirit of fair play in the match. Sven Goran Eriksson went to the locker room after the match and congratulated me for an excellent performance and said I was right to send off Rooney because it was rough play.'

Monday, July 3

The US Legacy of 2006 - Bye Bye Adu

It's all smiles for this tosspot now but will US supporters be smiling when Freddy Adu selects Ghana. Michael Essien has encouraged Adu to join him at Chelsea and for Ghana. Well of course he would have to say that, can't make too much out of news articles. But who would you want for your mentor, Michael Essien or Landon Donovan.

Missing Persons Report - Simon Burke

Come on Simon, it's been three days since the defeat. Surely you must have something to post. Can't believe that Lampard stated he took his penalty well. Ricardo might be good at stopping penalty kicks but he had some help. Also, liked Crouch's "the lads are all gutted but we'll go back to the hotel and have a chat". About what exactly? That was the last World Cup for many in the team. Dark days indeed and the knives have been sharpened for Sven. Tactics and team selection are the problems. Hope Theo Walcott had an enjoyable holiday in Germany whilst Defoe and SWP were in England. Joe Cole should not have been subbed. Crouch should not have been the only option up front and Gerrard and Lampard should have to work for their place in the middle.

Saturday, July 1

Bottle Merchants

I've never seen such poor penalty kick attempts. They didn't even try. The ghosts of prior tournaments continues to haunt. How many people have suggested that England start practising penalty kicks? Will not comment on actual match here. Too angry about penalty kicks right now.