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Sunday, April 30

Can I get an Irony Ruling?

Wenger questions Champions League ----------------------------------------------------------------- Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insists the Champions League is no longer a guide to the best teams in Europe. Wenger's side face Liverpool on Sunday after Rafael Benitez clinched a date with AC Milan in the final. But Wenger told BBC Sport: "It is not a reflection any more of the hierarchy in European football. It is a normal cup competition and there can shocks. "It has convinced me even more that you cannot make a priority of the Champions League. It has to be the Premiership." Wenger added: "In the championship you have to be consistent and that is a real reflection of your consistency in a season. "I don't want to take any merit away from what Liverpool have done, but next season you can have two other teams in the final again. "It will not happen any more that teams win it three or four times on the trot. "The priority has to be the Premiership. If the Champions League goes well it goes well, but the Premiership has to be the most important by miles. The Champions League is too much of a surprise cup now."

Friday, April 28

Silly Season Starts Early

Taggart opines: "I am very optimistic about the future. In terms of our overall squad, it is as strong as I have ever had. If we get a reasonable bill of health, we must have a massive chance because I have no doubt, had we not suffered so many injuries at the start of the season, we would have been there this season.'" Yes sir- exlax. Buy some more wingers, a goalie and a couple more defenders. Oh, and another striker. That should see you covered.

I think Rooney is the only bright light in the worst yernited team in a decade...

Have it it, pundits!

Chris Coleman - the new Harry Redknapp

Having played Fulham off the pitch on Monday, Fulham sign one of Wigan's best players today, Bullard. Coleman also somehow signed Niemi in the last window and convinced Boa Morte and Diop to sign contract extensions. Certainly not blinkered enough to start dreaming of European football but if Fulham sign one or two others and hang on to their players, could find ourselves in a much improved situation. Confirmed on club webpagel

Tuesday, April 25

So, after one of the worst Arsenal games I have ever suffered through, we have done it and reached the Champions League final. After today's game I cant believe we are there but Lehmann produced a miracle and Forlan produced his old Yernited form and some Mexican giant showed the heading prowess of Henry and we sneak through to face probably Barcelona.

On the level of play Arsenal have produced over the last decade under Wenger I can fully say he deserves to finally reach the European pinnacle - United and Liverpool won this tournament and Arsenal deserve to be up there with them and finally win the biggest prize in football. Bring on Barcelona and I am sure all those Tottenham fans will be firmly behind us :)

The team that saved Football

What was maureenio thinking? I think he out-thought himself worrying about our midfield, which was great. Nice to see Essien in Sissoko's pocket. If they'd have started with wingers, I think we'd have lost. So, THANK YOU JOSE, for being so special. Ps - Did Garcia's cross the line?

From Today's Guardian rumour mill...

...........And finally, managers of top flight teams the length and breadth of Europe will be struggling to contain their excitement now that Los Angeles Galaxy striker Landon Donovan has announced he's interested in returning to Europe, despite a disastrous spell with Bayer Leverkusen. "I can't sit here and say I was an amazing player," Donovan told the Sunday Telegraph recently, with considerable understatement.

Monday, April 24

Arsenal V Spurs and Chelsea/Pool

Alrighty 1-1, not the best result ever but a bit of henry brilliance keeps the race going for us. Spurs goal - highly dubious but I am big enough to say Spurs had the right to play on and score, granted it was unsportsmanlike but they were bombing forward and I think its unreasonable to say they should have kicked the ball out - had there been a clear head injury I woudlnt be so charitable. They lied after when they claim they didnt see it, video evidence shows they from Jol to Carrick saw it but that aside I think they were right to play on. Overall they deserved a draw against a weakened Arsenal side.

Congrats to Liverpool for doing us all a favour and ousting Moaninho's men, jose gets worse and worse with his whingeing - sod him, how can anyone take the twat seriously and how can the Chelsea supporters listen to his moaning when the "Special needs One" so obviously got his tactics wrong.

Alright Yernited fans who did this

Friday, April 21

Jose gushes about Americans

Mourinho stated they were very knowledgeable and talented. Of course, Chelsea is playing the MLS All-Stars in Chicago on 5 August.

Thursday, April 20

Beasley faces drink driving charges

Admittedly, it appears to be a joke in the Netherlands. Reminds me of the time we saw him with a troll in Chicago and he was refused admission to Michael Jordan's club.

Squirrels, Millwall and Wayne Rooney and Wembley

This would be the squirrel from yesterday's Arsenal V Villarreal match which was disrupting play for a few minutes, apparently he has already boarded the plane to Spain for Tuesday's return leg against the divers. Heard some funny tidbits this morning that I thought i would share. Millwall apparently had been in preliminary negotiations to play the Iran football team at the stadium, the New Den. The game set to take place last Summer never happened but Millwall fans had apparently come up with a couple of songs for the game: To the Iranian Women they had planned to sing "Get your faces out for the boys" and "You're Shi-ite and you know you are" to the Iranian team. Good old family values Millwall , quick with the racial and women bashing! Some thoughts on Rooney - he has this week said he wished he could be anyone but himself for 24 hours. He wasnt happy with the media outrage over the gambling and to be fair to the lad, what do you expect him to blow his cash on? Claude Monet paintings? he is wasting his cash on exactly what we would expect of him such as hookers and gambling so fair play to him - though word is he lost the 700,000 on a few hands of Old Maid.... Lastly I heard on the BBC that the Wembley builders had actually been taking bets amongst themselves on the stadium being finished ontime which doesnt exactly bode well for it...

Wednesday, April 19

Irony, thy name is Shearer

A certain musician's name is only two letters off a certain Geordie super hero...Hmm...From today's Fiver... "It was very disappointing to see you award Cormac Purthill the football yesterday. Either I'm missing the joke or his understanding of irony is confused. Surely it would have been ironic if Shearer's elbow had given out, whereas it is not at all ironic that it's his knee that's knacked?" - Mike Hinchliffe. [That's the last time we leave Alanis Morissette in charge - Fiver Ed].

So as of April 2006, here are the FIFA world rankings. If I remember rightly, the US were recently pasted by Germany and only drew with Jamaica yet somehow have moved up to 4th confirming that these are the most bent rankings in all of sports.... Nigeria have shot up , Italy apparently are crap... these simply are laughable.,2548,All-Apr-2006,00.html

Sol Campbell walk-out rumour

Allegedley, the reason Sol Campbell had his meltdown including walking out of the dressing room at half time had to do with a pending media report. Apparently, one of the papers was going to run a story that he was found in bed with both a Dutch man and Senegalese man. His lawyers were filing an injunction to stop the story from being printed and it was touch and go for a while whether they would be successful.

Monday, April 17

Alex Bellos' Blog

Alex Bellos wrote Futebol, about Brazilian Football. I thought it was a really insightful book and it was the first time that I saw anyone satisfactorily explain what was up with all the evangelical Christians that popped up in the squad in 2002. I really recommend reading his book. And he's got a blog that carries on from what he was writing in the book. One of the cool things about him is that he has good access to the old school players, Socrates and Jairzinho to name two. And another is the current of conspiracy theory that's running through Brazil. Read about it.

Thankyou United ???

Thanks United, perfect way to start the Monday - Spurs at home dont get a point in a game they probably deserved one - Rooney with a nice brace to help my fantasy team (and thankyou Darren Bent for another). So the Maths is this: If Arsenal beat Spurs we need at most 7 points from Sunderland (A), Man City (A) and Wigan (H) to snatch 4th. If we draw against Spurs we need to win all 3 remaining games and hope Spurs dont beat both Bolton (H) and West Ham (A). Vidic today was lucky to stay on the pitch but overall played very well I felt. Good signing that guy.

Friday, April 14

Great Day for Chelsea

Made it home in time for the second half. Sunderland were constantly under the cosh but shots were going straight at the keeper. And why did Ronaldo take the free kick instead of Giggs? Muppet. Sunderland were relegated at the same time as effectively killing off United's chances. How "ironic"

Ohh Ahh Lua Lua

Been watching Lomana LuaLua closely over the last couple of months since he ran United ragged in February - just after his son tragically died of a mysterious illness while he was away on African Nations Cup duty. I thought he was older than he is as he has been around for a while - he only turned 25 back in December.

I think Harry will be banning the goal celebration for the rest of the season though - he had to be taken off against Arsenal after he aggravated an ankle injury during his backflips.

Wonder if he will end up at a bigger club after this season? Liverpool? Spurs?

Wednesday, April 12

Three Lions, the Yankess and Rio

Just saw a segment on Sky Sports with Rio Ferdinand signing autographs at an officially sanctioned FA event. Besides wearing the Three Lions and having Nationwide in the background, Rio thought it appropriate to wear a NY yankees cap. I understand that Man U has a marketing tie-up with the Evil Empire and people in the UK wear yankee caps as a fashion statement but don't believe wearing a yankees cap while representing England is appropriate. For that matter, don't believe wearing a cap of any team in any sport while representing your national team is appropriate.

Tuesday, April 11

Beckham reaffirms desire to play in States

I'm sure Crewfan and his ilk will see this as an affirmation of how the MLS has arrived. I disagree with that and don't see him coming over any time soon. I also don't think he would do well at 36 or whatever age he arrives. George Best said of Beckham: "He cannot kick with his left foot, he cannot head a ball, he cannot tackle and he doesn't score many goals. Apart from that he's all right." My fear is that if he does arive and does not set the world alight Sam's Army fanatics will see this a sign of American strength. On the other side if he became involved with the domestic game and his academy it could increase the visibility of the game but at what price. The game has not caught on in the US in part because it's not perceived as "macho". Beckham would do nothing to dispel that notion. I think he should retire and give the US a miss.

Monday, April 10

Fancy a flutter do you Wayne?

Apparently, Rooney is quite the gambler and owes 700K pounds to Michael Owen's agent.

Sunday, April 9

Arsenal eggs now in one basket?

Arsenal better win the Champions League now or it could be UEFA Cup football against Shelbourne in your new stadium. I suppose Tottenham have been inconsistent enough lately to give you some hope in the league. Should be a great game in Highbury against Spurs on April 22nd. For some reason we are playing Friday night at home against Sunderland. Would be interesting to see us cut it to 4 points before Chelsea play away to Bolton the next day. All we can do is keep winning, secure second spot and watch Jose squirm a little hopefully.

Saturday, April 8

Dallas Cup

So this tournament has been around for years and attracted serious talent. One of the U19 groups this year includes United, Real Madrid, Monterey, and FC Delco (Bobby Convey's old club). I've always felt that the real strength of the game in the US lies more with the elite clubs (that now feed MLS, IMG, and Europe) and less with colleges. Regardless, would love to see if any of this shows up on FSC. Rock the Crossbar

Wednesday, April 5

Carragher praises Arsenal

I understand putting country first but calling Arsenal the "best footballing team in the country" is a bit much. I'm sure he did not really say that.

Tuesday, April 4

Rooney's bird turns 20

Not a football article as such but more of a sociological look at two families on either side of the Mersey. Two years ago, the families got into a fist fight.

Monday, April 3

Champions League this week

Tueday ESPN is doing the decent thing and showing Milan V Lyon And Wednesday they are showing Juve V Arsenal. Thank God.

For our female readers

He should stop talking to the media and get on with his football.'%20disorder&ct=5

Blog rules

Okay guys - need to go over some common sense rules. The idea of this thing isnt to yell you suck louder than the other guy yelling you suck. We want people to actually post and odds are random visitors will in the future. If you have something intelligent to say , then say it, if you have nothing intelligent to say but can say it wittily then say that as I laugh at all the banter - if you just want to run your mouth and say nothing intelligent or witty then hold off a few minutes till something does come to mind. Odds on CrewFan1 was a fake, then again maybe he was real. Keep it witty and posting 4 straight I hate Crewfan/soccerguy posts is a bit unecessary when you can put it all in one. No-one wants to see 50 posts from one guy, less is sometimes more. We dont resort to mocking other people's names as thats really juvenile.

Saturday, April 1

Brooks Mileson and Gretna

I know its a bit lazy to just copy and paste the Wikipedia article but I've been readng up a bit on the goings on at Gretna and what a character this guy seems like:

"Brooks Mileson (born Pennywell, Sunderland) is a British businessmen and the financial backer of Scottish football club Gretna as well as being a philanthropist to 70 non-league clubs. Mileson has invested heavily in Gretna and plans for them to eventually reach the Scottish Premier League. As of February 2006, he has also taken them to the finals of the Scottish Cup, the second oldest football trophy in the world. He is also a Carlisle United fan.

The Durham-based businessman was born in 1947, and has personal wealth estimated at over £30 million. Mileson made his fortune in various branches of the insurance, construction and property businesses. He is a devotee of grass-roots football, and has made donations to several football trusts, including Dundee United's Arab Trust, and The Berwick Rangers Supporters Trust. He is also the president of Whitby Town and sponsor of the Northern League.

Mileson broke his back at 11 and was told he would never walk again. His hips were damaged and he subsequently lost a kidney. His daily diet consists of 100 cigarettes and Lucozade, and he has had two heart attacks. He suffers from ME, and claims his determination to subdue the condition drives his many business and personal interests."


Well finally Google has as us searchable, we may pick up some more traffic on the website now, we just got a post from Crewfan - I have been trying for a couple o months to get us on google and yahoo's websearch....