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Sunday, April 30

Can I get an Irony Ruling?

Wenger questions Champions League ----------------------------------------------------------------- Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insists the Champions League is no longer a guide to the best teams in Europe. Wenger's side face Liverpool on Sunday after Rafael Benitez clinched a date with AC Milan in the final. But Wenger told BBC Sport: "It is not a reflection any more of the hierarchy in European football. It is a normal cup competition and there can shocks. "It has convinced me even more that you cannot make a priority of the Champions League. It has to be the Premiership." Wenger added: "In the championship you have to be consistent and that is a real reflection of your consistency in a season. "I don't want to take any merit away from what Liverpool have done, but next season you can have two other teams in the final again. "It will not happen any more that teams win it three or four times on the trot. "The priority has to be the Premiership. If the Champions League goes well it goes well, but the Premiership has to be the most important by miles. The Champions League is too much of a surprise cup now."


  • I believe this qualifies. It also undermines the rule change that could see Tottenham relegated to the UEFA cup.

    By Blogger Chris P, at 9:27 PM  

  • I think he would stand by these comments today. I don't think you would find Wenger insisting that Arsenal are one of the top two teams in Europe. They are not even close to being top two in England. If anything, I think these comments from last year have been proven even further by Arsenal's appearance in the final.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 11:38 PM  

  • I wonder if the members of Arsenal's governing board share the sentiments of their manager, considering the riches that have been deposited in the bank from their CL successes this year.

    Considering the fact that this is Arsenal's first ever European Cup final, one would think Wenger would be a bit more enthusiastic instead of such a dour, French puss. The club supporters, and the players, certainly deserve better.

    Also, the beauty of the CL is that the two supposed "best" teams rarely make the final. This builds excitement and fan interest, much like the NCAA basketball tournament in the USA. Besides, who are the two best teams, anyway? My vote is: who cares? All that matters is adding silverware to the cabinet...

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 10:11 AM  

  • I have to agree with John here - I dont think when you look at the last 3 finals (should Arsenal win this) that the winners are anywhere near the best in Europe, Porto - Liverpool were horrible at times last year and we can't win away in the Premiership. Its a cup competition at the end of the day, not a 38 game league season where the best team always shines. I would be interested to see Wenger's comments now, I suspect it would be that our style of football is finally rewarded on the international stage rather than we are the best team in Europe.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:27 AM  

  • GAC - this was from a year ago.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 10:41 AM  

  • I know the comments were from a year ago - that's what is worse, he's had time (and success in CL) to amend them.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 4:22 PM  

  • How can you amend something in print a year ago? How do you know what he has said about it this year?

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 5:03 PM  

  • Simon's right.

    Porto? -- unwatchable, a stain in the engraving on the cup.

    Liverpool -- thrilling yes, but Milan lost that final as much as Liverpool won it.

    Arsenal should they win it? -- Even I can't say that Arsenal are the best team in Europe and I always argue in Arsenal's corner.

    Is anyone serioiusly calling for retracting an off-hand comment spoken a year ago when there are club managers that are saying truly spiteful, hurtful things who are not made to retract them?

    By Blogger gooner71, at 7:46 PM  

  • He's a frog. He can do whatever he wants.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 3:59 PM  

  • ...except hold teh Maginot Line

    By Blogger Rich Hughes, at 4:02 PM  

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