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Friday, April 21

Jose gushes about Americans

Mourinho stated they were very knowledgeable and talented. Of course, Chelsea is playing the MLS All-Stars in Chicago on 5 August.


  • I believe that the verb "gushes" might be a bit of a stretch considering how sarcastic Jose has been known to be in the past...

    Question: is it mandatory that every article about soccer in the USA must mention Adu? I'm pretty sure that, thus far, he hasn't won any silverware or made the senior team for the US. (But, he does have two shots on goal in 194 minutes of MLS action in three games!)

    I guess he's improving, though, in scrimmages against the likes of Georgetown, American University and other D.C. area college squads as opposed to training sessions at Barca, Chelsea, Milan, etc.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 10:45 AM  

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