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Thursday, April 20

Squirrels, Millwall and Wayne Rooney and Wembley

This would be the squirrel from yesterday's Arsenal V Villarreal match which was disrupting play for a few minutes, apparently he has already boarded the plane to Spain for Tuesday's return leg against the divers. Heard some funny tidbits this morning that I thought i would share. Millwall apparently had been in preliminary negotiations to play the Iran football team at the stadium, the New Den. The game set to take place last Summer never happened but Millwall fans had apparently come up with a couple of songs for the game: To the Iranian Women they had planned to sing "Get your faces out for the boys" and "You're Shi-ite and you know you are" to the Iranian team. Good old family values Millwall , quick with the racial and women bashing! Some thoughts on Rooney - he has this week said he wished he could be anyone but himself for 24 hours. He wasnt happy with the media outrage over the gambling and to be fair to the lad, what do you expect him to blow his cash on? Claude Monet paintings? he is wasting his cash on exactly what we would expect of him such as hookers and gambling so fair play to him - though word is he lost the 700,000 on a few hands of Old Maid.... Lastly I heard on the BBC that the Wembley builders had actually been taking bets amongst themselves on the stadium being finished ontime which doesnt exactly bode well for it...


  • It was actually a gerbil and it was being chased by Sol and Ashley.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 6:15 PM  

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