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Wednesday, November 28

Week 10 fantasy results

Here we go, John Sinclair gets his first win by a mile thanks To VIlla thumping Blackburn.

Monday, November 26

England Football team - Not these Chaps

If the civilised world had to depend on the England football team to save Britain we would all be speaking German right now. I am so sick of them talking a good game, bottling it and / or complaining of gammy legs / whatever only to recover and play out of their minds on Saturday for club.
For lack of better way to describe it - Gerrard, Owen and company do not really care about playing for England. They say they do but they have no grit or determination. They are really soft as shite and living in some delusional fantasy world.
Owen yesterday spouted the following: "I don't think any of the Croatian team would get into ours," wrote Owen. "Doesn't that tell you it is not about ability or technique but in the mind?"
Okay, so what that tells us is that England players don't give a toss. They will say they need to see a sports psychiatrist. They are a disgrace to the badge and to England.
This great generation of footballers has been proved wanting. Fortunately for England, there are good players that could make their mark such as Walcott and Abgonlahor.
The FA should do what it takes to qualify for the WC but jettison as many of the big time Charlies as possible whilst doing so. For one, Owen should go focus on his horses. He is crocked and in many ways resembles a child actor or one hit wonder he peaked early and then fell away.
Gerrard. I would like to smash his teeth in his smile after his goal on Saturday. Do that for England you tosser. He is another delicate one.
Lampard - Don't really know about him. The problem has been with playing him and Gerrard but if you ditch Gerrard Lampard might be alright alongside Hargreaves. It may be good to jettison him as well though. Take a player like Barry who will graft more.
Terry - I dislike him but can't see who could replace him now. I think he epitomises all that is wrong with the England squad but can't see him being shown the door.
Rooney - is a lot more disposable than people think. Another young lad who peaked early. If he does not control his temper he is a liability. All players should take a page from the Latin playbook and provoke him because he will respond. Wonder how long he will continue to think he's hard. Maybe from a boxing family but basically is the King of Chaves.
Crouch - Please get rid of him. I would rather have Dafoe or Bent play up front.

Friday, November 16

Johnny Foreigner must be stopped

The debate is finally going on in England about the foreigners in our game. About time - the trend is alarming, English talent being squeezed out in favour of imports and in 24 hours its likely to be one cause of England not qualifying for the Euros next Summer and ruining the dreams of the Austrian/Swiss tradesmen who banked on the pounds rolling through with our good away support.

Steven Gerrard when pressed basically said we need caps for the league to ensure a healthy international future. There are enough people in the game now saying the same thing that it has to be true, at least to an extent. I firmly agree that if English players aren't given a chance and then not given a chance to develop that we will cease to be relevant in the international game as our players will all be coming from the Championship as England doesn't produce many Wayne Rooney's.

Its all very well saying don't worry , England will produce less players but that the best ones will find a way through but I am not so sure. With managers under more pressure than ever to produce instant results, they don't have time to take chances on unknown British youngsters when there are cheap foreigners there to fill in the gaps, some we may even have heard of.

Look at Walcott - cant get a start at Arsenal because Wenger doesn't trust him enough to get us 3 points every game so he gets thrown into some B games. Walcott would get a chance and would surely shine is there was a cap limiting all the foreigners.

There are many problems with the system - one is that foreigners are cheaper, clubs pay for rubbish like Carew for 2 reasons - name recognition sells some shirts and they are cheaper than English alternatives. English lower division clubs impart an 'English tax' on the bigger clubs who try to buy their English assets. Its daft really but its the culture of the domestic game and its killing us as it forces chairmen to buy abroad - simple economics: Buy 18 Fabregas's or one Carrick .. for the same price. This has to be sorted out. Trouble is Premiership chairmen don't care about England, some of the chairmen aren't English so really shouldn't have to. The FA and the Premier League need to care but their hands are tied by European law so instead they are focusing on coaching , however they aren't putting any serious money into it yet so by caring, they are in fact just talking...

The FA also need to fix one massive coaching flaw - the 90 minute rule. If a young English talent is unearthed by a club, they can only take him on if he is within 90 minutes (or miles, not sure which) of the club else he cannot play for them. This means places in the North East have less chance (and less Geographical area due to the coast) to scour for talent. Yet the laws allow such clubs to take anyone from anywhere in Europe on, just not England where you are restricted to the 90 miles. Total joke which again only encourages clubs to scout abroad.

The cure - fix the 90 mile rule to encourage clubs, have clubs reduce their ridiculous prices for English talent (don't know how) and cap foreign player limits to that at least 2 or 3 English players (and I don't mean Scots and Irish) are in the team - a league requires national identity as well as class. I love Johnny Foreigner in England, I think Fabregas, Henry, Cantona, Ruud the Donkey, Alonso, Drogba the cheat, Berbatov and that ilk... they have improved football immensely. But can anyone say the same about Senderos, Stepanovs, Aliadiere, Djemba Squared, Josemi, Pellegrino, Kuyt, Boularouhz, Yakubu, Clint Dempsey, Finidi George... for every superstar that comes in there is just as much dross which doesn't exactly address English technical deficiencies. Look at Fulham, bought a load of pap this Summer and are now in the mire.

Tuesday, November 13

Swiss Roasting

Disgraceful on the part of all parties

Monday, November 12

week 9 fantasy results

Brian tops it (again), ALison second tied with Allan... nick misses out in 4th but retains overall lead...

One more reason to hate Tottenham

Nuff said.
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Friday, November 9

Fulham Top of the Table!

If only matches lasted 45 minutes. "It's a game of two halves". How much is down to bottle and how much to fitness versus riding own's luck and the losing team's gaffer's bollicking at half time is any one's guess.

Thursday, November 8


Does this film sound familiar to anyone? It's set in rural Ireland and is about a weekend football trial conducted by a Manchester United scout, maybe Pete Postelthwaite. The boys in the film are mostly school aged 16 year olds that were signed to some professional team, so they clipped the ball around very well and it looked really authentic. They seeded in two actors of decent ability who were the ones that the story was about, the earnest but not quite good enough one, and the one who was obviously brilliant, but with a bad attitude. And at the end of the film there's a cameo with George and Callum Best, Callum looks about 11 or 12 and is wearing a Giggs shirt. Any idea of what this is called?

Friday, November 2

Football Fibbers

I'm sure we have all told our fair share of whoppers over the years to get out of assorted unpleasant duties and situations. In fact I have heard at least 3 or 4 of them from people on this list... but when it comes to fabricating ludicrous, inept tales of personal woe, no one can top the professional footballer: Liar, Liar