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Tuesday, October 30


I would say its 2 unbeaten teams but some pap side knocked off United already (city). THe only unbeaten sides are New England v Indianapolis but this is as close as the Premiership can provide.

I hate to say it but United have come very good. I havent seen that much of them this year as they were so boring early on that I didnt keep watching them. By all accounts now, Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo are all on fire and it should be a terrific match as Arsenal are flying and thank God we are at home as I do genuinely fear them right now but they should also fear us. Waiting for Fergie and Wenger to bring out the handbags... I am sure on Thursday the players will start sniping, and I dont think either manager can resist it either.

---- Also apparently United have some crap friendly in Saudia Arabia in January - miles and miles away. I am delighted as surely thats a daft decision - sure the money must look good to the Glaziers but is that the best footballing decision to take after a busy Xmas???

American complainers

Okay - FIFA has dropped its rotation policy: THe result of this seems to be Americans complaining that this has screwed them out of the 2018 World Cup. It may favour England who are thought to be putting together a bid for 2018.

As for rotation, I can’t answer this without showing bias but the simple fact for me is - America hosted the World Cup in 1994. You don’t deserve it again for a few more years yet. I don’t see why America thinks that it’s the next COncacaf nation to host the cup, you were the LAST Concacaf reps and so shouldn’t it be Canada's turn or back to Mexico? (they have hosted it twice so I am dead opposed to them getting it). England started the game, has only hosted it once and it would be wrong if America hosts it twice in 24 years whereas we will have then hosted it only once since the tournament's inception in 1930.

Americans have gotten used to hosting the Olympics so often and have forgotten that it shouldn’t work that way. I doubt America will get it before 2034 and think that’s perfectly fair. If Canada want it you shouldn’t get a sniff. China are likely to get it in the 2020's and a joint bid from Uruguay/Argentina in 2030 leaving only one open slot before 2034. Egypt/Holland/Spain will all feel they can bid for 2026 along with a Concacaf nation who if its Canada should get preference over America assuming they can get the stadia right. America may believe its a soccer power but its not. Attendances are still crap here - your team is still crap historically and the last World Cup didnt help that and if Canada bids for it surely you cant get it ahead of them.

Of course, no guarantee England will get it either but I would be dead opposed to America getting it ahead of ANYONE in 2018 barring France, Germany,Sth Africa and Brazil ; none of whom will bid.

Thursday, October 18

Click here for BBC Article on decline of English football as we head into Euro 2008.


Is it that that there are too many foreigners?

Is it grass roots desire to hoof it to a big man?

Is it that we just need a few coaches and only a pool of 33 English supertalents in the Premier League who will be great because they have to be to compete?

Jovan kirovsky

So I am listening to the Guardian podcast on the plane back from Canada on Monday and some listener posted in correcting the panel on who the first American to score in the Champions League was - the panel had said it was Beasley. In fact the listener pointed out that it was Jovan Kirovsky who played for blah blah team in 199 something..... The only person I have ever known to bang on about Jovan Kirovsky is Tom Esch - that listener turned out to be "Tom from Washington". Was that you Esch???

Friday, October 12

Graham Poll - A bit rich

You could not make this stuff up. The worst referree in the history of the English top flight retires and now gets a column in the Daily Mail. If a manager so much as says anything mildly critical of a referree in the press, the FA hauls them in for disciplinary action. Once the referrees retire though, the referreee may say anything: "There cannot be a less popular character in football" regarding Warnock. Poll was just warming up.
Poll continues
"Warnock has to be the biggest whinger to have taken charge of a football team and he has fallen out with almost every manager he has come across. His foul-mouthed tirades expose his lack of intelligence and self-control. His obsession with referees is almost perverse. "

Monday, October 8

Jump on the bandwagon, suckers!

There is STILL time to order City's new home kit for all of you gents (and maidens) out there looking to support a new club now that many of your teams have fallen to the wayside in the EPL title chase - not to mention CL, UEFA Cup, etc. We look forward to your patronage! "Sky Blue" will pretty much go with any color in your wardrobe and will match up well with those of you who have canvas Converse high-tops with the combat pattern. Here's your opportunity to go with a winner (for a change) - don't let it slip through your fingers! *This is a free public service announcement from George.

Tuesday, October 2


Okay I have 2 to share:

Firstly this one: 101 Great Goals. This is the best site to get goals from many leagues on the web and usually in a hurry too.

Then we have This is useful if you ever want to watch a set of matches but not see all the scores from that league. Example: I am following Champions League scores right now but want to avoid Arsenal so I can watch them later. Now you can.

1 Click on this (

2 Select soccer

3 Click on the PERSONALISE option near the top.

4 All the leagues in process are shown and you have to select your league.

5 First click on clear all at the bottom, then simply place a check by your league. CL is denoted as GS (Group Stages in the abbreviations) - Premier League is PL.

6 Click Submit

7 Pick your games you wish to see - basically select all but the one or 2 you are avoiding.

8 Click submit and your games are shown and the one you are avoiding is never shown. You can see scorers and when etc..

Thanks to Ryan for alerting me to this site.

Monday, October 1

Week 4 prediction results

Allan gets his first win of the season, Nick quietly gets second along with Ryan and Steve and Ian - Nick snatches the lead overall. The newbies are suffering now.

Happy Days!

Tough day at the office for Chelsea: another draw; no goals scored; John Terry out for six weeks; Drogba suspended; a hostile crowd taunting Abromovich and booing Shevchenko; Peter Kenyon looking miserable and Grant very uncomfortable. Fulham had it easier with the crowd than Chelsea did and it was at the Bridge.
They are now asking the FA to suspend Dempsey. That is a bit harsh and contrary to rumours, Dempey did not read this board and have a go at Terry as a favour for me. It was Drogba that thought he was filming a Kung Fu Fighting video for Carl Douglas. Chelsea fans are just used to having it too easy. Wonder how many of this lot above were there when Bates was still the chairman.
On Saturday perhaps if Kalou could finish it would be a different story but the same could be said of Kamara. In short, Chelsea did not look like world beaters on Saturday. They are like those aliens in "Independence Day" once the shield goes down or like Drago once he is cut. May the rest of the league put the collective boot into them and may Abromovich take his marbles and go home. In short time, Chelsea's reputation will be based on its firm.
Good Bye