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Tuesday, October 30


I would say its 2 unbeaten teams but some pap side knocked off United already (city). THe only unbeaten sides are New England v Indianapolis but this is as close as the Premiership can provide.

I hate to say it but United have come very good. I havent seen that much of them this year as they were so boring early on that I didnt keep watching them. By all accounts now, Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo are all on fire and it should be a terrific match as Arsenal are flying and thank God we are at home as I do genuinely fear them right now but they should also fear us. Waiting for Fergie and Wenger to bring out the handbags... I am sure on Thursday the players will start sniping, and I dont think either manager can resist it either.

---- Also apparently United have some crap friendly in Saudia Arabia in January - miles and miles away. I am delighted as surely thats a daft decision - sure the money must look good to the Glaziers but is that the best footballing decision to take after a busy Xmas???


  • Please delete my bandwagon post of October 8. Thank you. Sincerely, the guy with six blue stitches on his arse

    By Blogger George, at 6:18 PM  

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