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Tuesday, October 30

American complainers

Okay - FIFA has dropped its rotation policy: THe result of this seems to be Americans complaining that this has screwed them out of the 2018 World Cup. It may favour England who are thought to be putting together a bid for 2018.

As for rotation, I can’t answer this without showing bias but the simple fact for me is - America hosted the World Cup in 1994. You don’t deserve it again for a few more years yet. I don’t see why America thinks that it’s the next COncacaf nation to host the cup, you were the LAST Concacaf reps and so shouldn’t it be Canada's turn or back to Mexico? (they have hosted it twice so I am dead opposed to them getting it). England started the game, has only hosted it once and it would be wrong if America hosts it twice in 24 years whereas we will have then hosted it only once since the tournament's inception in 1930.

Americans have gotten used to hosting the Olympics so often and have forgotten that it shouldn’t work that way. I doubt America will get it before 2034 and think that’s perfectly fair. If Canada want it you shouldn’t get a sniff. China are likely to get it in the 2020's and a joint bid from Uruguay/Argentina in 2030 leaving only one open slot before 2034. Egypt/Holland/Spain will all feel they can bid for 2026 along with a Concacaf nation who if its Canada should get preference over America assuming they can get the stadia right. America may believe its a soccer power but its not. Attendances are still crap here - your team is still crap historically and the last World Cup didnt help that and if Canada bids for it surely you cant get it ahead of them.

Of course, no guarantee England will get it either but I would be dead opposed to America getting it ahead of ANYONE in 2018 barring France, Germany,Sth Africa and Brazil ; none of whom will bid.


  • As much as I hate to admit it, Simon, based on the attendance (record levels, all stadiums full) and earnings (also record levels to previous Cups) the USA WC94 was a huge success. It matters not that Tony Meola couldn't guard the near post against Brazil - nor that England failed to qualify - the numbers do not lie and, coming from someone (me) who continually lambasts US Soccer, you must at least realize my objectivity here.

    The interesting, resulting problem though was the fact that the MLS' early organizers looked at the numbers from WC94 and decided to choose large venues like the Rose Bowl and Giants Stadium instead of the original intent to fill smaller college sites. They got greedy, as we are oft to do in the states, and paid for it. Only now with the development of soccer-specific grounds over a decade later (except for in Columbus, which did this early on) does MLS look like a better product on opposed to 3,000 people in the 100,000 seat Rose Bowl in the late 90s.

    While a future WC in the next two decades at least certainly DOES NOT belong in the USA, you can be sure that one will be granted due to the organizational structure of the US marketing institutions that guarantee HUGE monetary rewards to FIFA. That's the bottom line - not soccer pedigree and silverware on the shelves. Money talks and FIFA knows that the USA is the only Concacaf nation worthy of appointment in terms of revenue. Rotation ro-smation. They are going to base their decisions on the bottom-line alone. Can't wait to see the next generation of face-painted youths who wind up playing basketball and football and baseball in high school!

    By Blogger George, at 6:15 PM  

  • It is only right that the rotation system be dropped. For England, horrible place that it is, the stadia are already in place. England deserve it more than the US for sure. One could countenance a joint US / Canada bid until you consider how unfriendly the US border is for law abiding people.

    And that's the point George misses. The US is very unwelcome to foreigners. If the dollar weren't so weak, doubt you'd see many Europeans coming over for holidays. And can you imagine South and Central Americans coming in for the WC. "They're no different than the other illegals, come over for their soccer matchs and then they will overstay their visas and seek government benefits and start voting democrat. No sir, not on my watch".

    A lot can happen in ten years and from reading the Daily Mail, sharia law may be introduced in the UK by then but based on current circumstances the US will not be able to put together a viable package.

    By Blogger Chris P, at 4:34 PM  

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