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Wednesday, September 26

Owen - Medical Mumbo Jumbo

So Owen is out again with another groin injury that appears to require surgery. Big Sam seems to be at pains to stress though it is not a "hernia".:"The full picture is that he has not got a hernia but there may be a weakness in the stomach area which may have contributed to his 3cm abductor muscle tear."
Actually Sam, by definition a hernia is a tear in the abdomen. I'm having surgery for one in a few weeks and the time off from lifting, running and football is only three weeks. They are doing a smoke and mirrors thing to make his injury appear less serious than it is. In fact, the abductor tear is more serious than a simple hernia.
I don't know if Own will ever be right again.


  • i do feel sorry for Owen - his positional sense is good, his all around team contribution not very good but by God he can score tap ins and close range scrappy goals. I always feel better about England when he is on the pitch but he is made of straw and I suspect this is a 6 week injury and not his last injury this year. Retirement for Owen at 30 is my guess. His career has really been stop start after that amazing start.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 3:04 PM  

  • Owen has provided magical moments, true, but too few and far between. The Real Madrid experience damaged him, I believe, on the mental more than the physical side. Like you, Simon, it was always a relief to see his face as the camera panned down the starting eleven during the pre-game anthems. He'll be in the announcer's booth before United ever beat Coventry again! He's a bit like the basketball player Grant Hill - big heart, too soft.

    By Blogger G.C., at 8:16 AM  

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