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Tuesday, September 25

The top 4:

Alright in response to Ian's jibe - let me first discuss Liverpool. I said earlier this season that Benitez will coach himself out of the Premiership and he is managing it by tinkering about with the team. Casual and clever fans alike know that Torres at 20 million plus quid needs to start games. Publicly Benitez is talking of winning the Premiership but his management says anything but. It looks like Torres is starting in the Coca Cola throwaway cup today and if that’s the case Torres was rested in the Prem to take part in this worst cup on the earth. Liverpool have just set fire to 4 points at a time when rivals are struggling (spurs/Chelsea). Arsenal and United have capitalised on Benitez's ridiculous policy. If Benitez keeps on in this vain , the "I know more about coaching than the fans and I will show them" vain then Liverpool will not be champions .. again. 1990 is a long time ago. The fans want the Premiership more than the Champions League and Benitez doesn’t know how to coach a team that can win the Premiership because he still believes his second 11 is as good as his first.

Arsenal - against all odds they are top , they are playing great football and barring a couple of goalkeeping mishaps could be perfect. Instead they have taken advantage of a fairly generous schedule and are rightfully top. We defeated City (third), Spuds away and got a point at hateful Blackburn. West Ham away this weekend will be a tough test and then its Sunderland at home. If Arsenal get 6 points we will be top 3 for sure... at least. I don’t think we will win the league but we may well go close. Wenger's policy of playing well scouted cheap buys who have bags of talent is paying off bigtime this year. Arsenal are shooting from distance and Adebayor now looks at the level of Drogba - we had 5 first teamers out against Derby and you'd never have known it (Gallas/Gilberto/Hleb/Rosicky/Van Persie) all would start if available and not being rested for bigger games to come.

Chelsea: Collapsing. Injuries and poor free transfers instead of 'buys' have really hurt them. NO-one really knows who runs the club, Abramovich is in there, his cronies (Buck, Kenyon, Arnesen and Grant) run some part of the club. AS for the players, they were playing as much for Maurinho as they were Chelsea and its very likely Drogba is off this Summer. Lamps will stay cos no other club would pay him anywhere near what he thinks he's worth. I am sad they are collapsing , it’s a shame for their fans. Like f*ck. For three years they thought they were a real club but they sold out and this is what they deserve. Any Chelsea fans who thought they deserved to compete have been strongly reminded that they have a load of bandwagon fans and that their club is the playtoy of a Russian tw*t who CAN do anything he likes. Smug Chelsea fans are now in scarce supply.

Manchester United: Real threat, I picked them from the outset though wavered after their crap start. Presently not the best team in England but the team with the strongest mindset and they are playing turgid footy week in week out and winning while keeping clean sheets. I can’t see anyone else winning the league than United and I suspect Wenger V Fergie will soon reignite as they become Britain’s top 2 again.

The team most likely to break into the top 4: SPURS. Utter gash. Forty million spent on players , most of whom I have never heard of and one was Darren Shocking Bent at 16.5 million - total joke. No-one knows who is buying the players, like Chelsea it’s not just the manager. Their fans are muppets, the club is run by a cowardly board of muppets and they have just 5 points from a possible 21 and the manager has fallen out with at least 2 of his stars. When not if.. will Jol be sacked? I hope they sack Jol and bring back John Gregory - I would cry laughing.


  • Good post Simon. Will chime in later.

    Note to self - drop all Liverpool players from all Fantasy Football teams as nobody can predict what Rafa will do.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 2:56 PM  

  • ****spoiler alert in this post****

    Good point Busby.

    I'll just make the point that Arsenal have played the teams in front of them and continue to impress.

    And today, we seem to have given Piltdown Sam's most recent collection of goblins a two-nil beat-down. I'm predicting that Sam sent out a squad of players that generally expect to play football with the Bolton imperative of kicking anyone and everyone. Forgive me for laughing at him for falling at the first hurdle of one of the only two trophies he was likely to be successful in this season.

    Finally, the two teams that are beset with chairman that undermine their clubs are Chelsea and Spurs and both are tragic. And when I hear that Cashley is involved in factionalizing up the Chelsea dressing room, that really is the icing on the cake.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 5:20 PM  

  • Can't take the credit. It was Simon's post.

    Oohh Cashley news. Didn't hear that but was away all wknd and didn't get to read the Sunday papers. Can you send a link?

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 5:44 PM  

  • Busby, it was either Simon Ingle or Kevin McCarra on the Guardian's podcast that reported that Cole, Essien, and Drogba represent one faction, Terry and Lampard another although increasingly separate voices, and Sheva on his own.

    A right nest of vipers.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 10:35 PM  

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