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Sunday, September 16

Muppets, mafia and monitors

Chelsea's disallowed goal is just the latest example of the horror show passing as officiating in the premiership. The refs and linesmen are not accountable, recent suspensions aside, and above criticism as seen by any manager penalised for criticising decisions in the press. It's exactly that combination of arrogance, ineptitude and unaccountability that makes English institutions (and the Bush administration) so despised. These decisions are changing the outcome of the season for many clubs - Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Fulham so far to name a few. And they do not necessarily even out at the end of the day. With the technology in place whereby everyone in the stadium can see the replay, we have to question why the FA refuses to allow use of replays. It's completely daft and arguments that it would cause more stoppages ring hollow as the hair-gel boys are falling all over the pitch anyway causing needless stoppages. The league is also opening itself up to possible manipulation by the mafia. Whilst we are yell at the telly and think the ref deserves disembowelment, end of day most viewers just assume the ref is clueless. Refs have been corrupted in Europe before and there was the basketball scandal in the US, we have to start wondering if some of the decisions made in the premiership are not similarly influenced. The only way to nip that in the bud is to start using replays.


  • Technology has to be used sparingly i feel as supporters who feel wronged will soon start asking for all fouls to be reviewed...or throw in's - did it cross the line - well if it directly leads to a goal there will be some who want that reviewed.
    THere is a point you have to say bad luck.
    Crossing the line I gather is going to be tested in January in the Premiership, must like Tennis already implements.
    I am not sure what else you can review - would offsides and bad penalty calls even come under technological solutions - i dont want the reviews going on for ages... The important thing is Chelsea was wronged for once - this was an example of things evening out a little :)

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 12:05 PM  

  • Simon, that is a good point - where do you draw the line (no pun intended). In this case yes Chelsea were wronged but they were the beneficiary of a bad decision againt Liverpool.

    As a Fulham supporter, I don't know if it will even out but if Fulham keep conceding late goals it will not matter as we would be going down, down.

    I would probably feel better if the league would stop acting so damn English and allow criticism of their officials and linesman. I know you don't want to create a climate whereby some nutter may attack these people having been riled up by the criticism but currently short of suspension, which I'm glad to see, there is a culture of unaccountability.

    By Blogger Chris P, at 12:32 PM  

  • Chris, I think it's just another bit of evidence that there's not enough leadership in the English FA.

    Years ago, it was standard to hear that the English produced a few really talented footballers, but their referees were the best.

    There's not one English ref at the moment that can hold a candle to the standard of officiating in the Bundesliga, Serie A, and increasingly, La Liga.

    The poor standard in the Prem is directly down to the FA and just for that reason Barwick and his overfed crew should be locked in the Tower.

    That said, when Joselito Maureenyo conducts himself like an embarrassing two-year old, I have to laugh.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 10:43 PM  

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