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Friday, August 31


I dont know about you all but I am big into the footy podcasts as i can then listen to them at my leisure. THe current crop i am listening to: The Guardian footy podcast - twice a week. Pretty good banter.

BBC Radio 5 has a good few: Sportsweek is a 1 hour interview show each week with top named guests, from all sports but primarily football.

Five Live Football Daily is a daily 25 minute round up of BBC's coverage with interviews, panels , match reports...

Fighting Talk is hosted by Northern Ireland's Colin Murray and is a cant miss.

And of course the 606 phone in where muppets call in and butcher English while telling the various hosts (Tim Lovejoy, Alan Green, Spoony) why they would be a better manager than their current beleaguered one.


  • Well spotted Simon,

    Last year I'd have included The Game Podcast by the Times, but who on earth would have predicted that throwing the Spurs loving Danny Kelly over the rail would result in a show that's even worse this year. Marcotti is a complete toss.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 1:47 PM  

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