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Tuesday, August 28

Season so far

Well its only August still but already its the best Prem ever. United are up and running and despite having no decent strikers fit are still a threat. Chelsea are as crap to watch as ever - remember this is new super expansive exciting Chelsea and they still really just aim to play crap footy and win by 1. Rubbish

Arsenal are quietly winning games without anyone really giving them a prayer and Jens has an injury... allegedly. Fulham are clearly the unlucky team that only has 84 minutes in them. Dead striker, goals not given but Healy will keep them up and hopefully more than that. Tottenham have broke into the elusive bottom 4 and long may they stay there. Jol has sword of Damacles over him and will eventually be kicked out. Liverpool look the main threat but lets be honest Benitez will eventually rotate when he shuoldnt and cost them all.

Of the mid level sides, Portsmouth are the threat, Man City with 2 more Svennis signings may make UEFA Cup. Vila/West Ham/Newcastle all mid table sides who will upset the big 4 more often than last year. Blackburn are the most hated team I hope - they are evil. All of them.

Its been fantastic so far..


  • PS) George - City were gash last week and thoroughly deserved to get beaten by a resounding.. 1-0

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 1:37 PM  

  • Fulham's luck coupled with the Liverpool Chelsea match show why the FA must start using video replays. I know there is concern that this will lead to more stoppages but there are too many refereeing mistakes to allow this to continue. Everyone outside of the FA belives the refs are muppets but they allow them to consider to make bad decisions.

    Whilst Man U scored the goal, I thought Tottenham looked far more threatening during the last 30 minutes of the match. Rooney and Ronaldo can not come back soon enough for them.

    Enjoy the premiership because England are on the verge of being eliminated for Euro 2008. Can't wait to see McLaren go. That would be something if Northern Ireland qualifies but England does not.
    (This is not an opening to take shots at the US which we all know are gash but rather to reflect on the mixture of an incompetent FA and a bunch of overpaid big time Charlies that profess a desire to play for the Three Lions but lack the bottle to do so and are more concerned with their cars, London night life, etc.)

    By Blogger Chris P, at 5:43 PM  

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