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Monday, August 6

EPL 2007/8 US coverage

Listened to an interview this afternoon with some twat from FSC who was talking about their channels coverage. Basically the keypoints were: 1) Some crap Beckham program will be aired on FSC weekly - joy.

2) Games will continue to be shown on slight tape delay so they can get in the titles and not make folk who switch on at 10 miss the lineups. Whatever they claim they are not keeping it live and you are advised not to have the web open at the time.

3) The crappy ticker which shows out of date news and/or spoilers for games is gone during English matches.

4) It looks like will have free Premiership highlights on late Sunday/sometime Monday. They won the rights but its unclear if they are going to attempt to charge for them yet, i think though that it will be free and at better quality than Youtube.

5) FSC will also show a game a week on PPV on Broadband (price not yet announced), the first week is Arsenal V Fulham though I think this is a 7am Eastern time match on a Sunday. Fox soccer will also beam you highlights to your cell phone if you pay for it. Apparently mobile highlights will be during the game Van Persie scored his third against United, its on your phone 3 mins later.

6) FSC will air a half hour show before the 10am Eastern game Saturday for preview purposes which I am pleased about unless I see Max and Nick in their all too similar outfits standing up looking awkward and trying to fill time... They will also air a 90 minute show Sunday showing a mixture of highlights from the weekend of MLS/Premiership/Argentina/USL and Italy. Sounds like a longer just as crap version of their Shorter Super Saturday round up show. I hate watching multiple league highlights at once and would rather wait for the hour English round up show on Sunday nights (apparently now at midnight Sunday)

7) One half of team twat is gone from Fox's footy fone in joke. The Liverpool supporting one has gone off to produce a poker show - yes POKER. Says everything. The acerbic Chelsea twat remains with Nick Webster, Bus Stop boy.

8) Setanta confirmed that EPL is online this year, at 600K - at 14.95 per month. Includes GAA sports and Rugby and online services allow you to choose between games apparently if they own the rights to them (FSC own half, Setanta own half). NO games on here are PPV (for EPL).


  • Do you know where one is to go to watch the Arsenal match on FSC broadband?

    I've seen a few places that they'll be showing it there, but haven't been able to find anything on the FSC website.

    By Anonymous brant parsons, at 11:26 PM  

  • Brant

    This thread is just Arsenal on TV in the US - i doubt any pub is set up to show broadband TV - my advive would be to install sopcast on your PC and watch it for free and not give FSC any money at all. Arsenal's game against Blackburn is also broadband since we were scheduled to play them Saturday but their UEFA tie forced it to Sunday and thus the dreaded FSC Broadband slot.

    It looks like 2 FSC Broadband games per week:
    a) The 4th choice Saturday 10am eastern time game (this will normally be horribly crap and not worth 10 pence - think Boro v Derby..)
    b) Incremental games on Sunday - not the 8.30 or 11am scheduled games but instead games which get moved there as overflow from European midweek stuff.. Arsenal are casualties of this next week and this week we are just unlucky that there are 3 Sunday games for the season opening weekend.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 11:12 AM  

  • The Banshee Pub in Dorchester (MA) shows a constant stream of EPL matches (GAA too). Great place, great atmosphere. I'll be there on Saturday to watch City destroy West Ham - even wearing my Barton kit, still. When are we all going to post our predictions for the season???

    By Blogger G.C., at 11:22 AM  

  • ughh.. Barton...
    Unless its Warren BArton... ughh.. Warren Barton.

    Let me scour for predictions thing shortly, I bookmarked something on this exact topic..

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 12:31 PM  

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