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Monday, August 6

Lets all laugh at Beckham and/or MLS

Okay I haven't posted on Beckham yet but there is just so much material I now have to. Firstly, did anyone watch that shambles of a game he played in for 10 minutes V Chelsea - worst coverage ever - his own camera showing him tying his laces every 2 minutes... then he played and I cried with laughter when Steve Sidwell clattered him. Since then Beckham hasn't played , has been spotted in the stands instead of with his team and the US Public is beginning to get impatient - where is Beckham? Can we get a refund... He hasn't played in Dallas and now in Toronto where American idiots bought tickets at inflated prices to see him play only to be disappointed and not even have him do a pre game bow. So MLS has problems - its marquis player cant play and fans aren't happy - he is due in DC this Thursday and I will laugh if he cant play and the 58000 or so fans who have sold out RFK at higher than normal prices are left deflated on a Thursday night. I didn't buy a ticket as I couldn't give a shi* Surely there are others out there enjoying this as much as me.. I hope he declares himself fit on Friday and then makes the England V Germany friendly next week though I doubt he will come over for that. truth be told Beckham is right not to play till he gets fit, its a 5 year deal, no point playing hurt, getting more hurt and missing 6 months. Stupid pratt fans have no clue. Also look out for ESPN's new overhead cam, great when a team takes a free kick or corner - its a camera that 'floats' around is way behind a free kick , ie) half way line. You see a free kick as if you were miles away. Its awesome. No. Its shi*. Thanks ESPN for trying to reinvent footy camera views. Now stop.


  • Ha. Nice rant. Its all pretty hilarious. There was an article on today about how to "bend it like Beckham".

    I actually think most Americans believe that Beckham invented bending a football. I could do it when I was 6. Simon could probably do it by the time he was 16.

    What are people expecting to see when they are spending all this money to pack out MLS stadiums for Galaxy games? He has never been that exciting a player to watch. Not exciting like Giggs, Henry, Ronaldo etc.
    He has always been a very hard worker on the field which I give him a lot of credit for but MLS is full of those robots. What made him special as a player was his passing range, crossing and dead ball ability. I don't think many of the people paying in to see their first soccer match will appreciate the skill behind a 60-yard cross field pass to a teammate - they will be wondering why he didn't kick it towards goal. So the real fun time will be when he gets a free kick in around the box. 80,000 waiting for him to bend it (like only he can apparently) into the top corner. Poor Becks, like most other free takers, will shank 3 out of 4 into the stands or the keepers hands and the groans will grow and grow.

    Then the commentators will pull out the stats - "Becks is 2/9 in free kicks in the red-zone since his arrival in MLS". They won't realise that that's actually pretty consistent.

    I really don't want the lad to fail but this was such a stupid move all so that tart of a wife could try to get on US tv.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 6:09 PM  

  • Wow, i've read some bollox in my time but this:
    from John's Boston article:
    But he and his team wanted to figure out how Beckham was able to not only make it curve, but rise up over the human wall and then down again so that it doesn't fly over the net.
    A whole article about wind tunnels and analyzing Beckham's crossing skill. Too funny.

    I personally like Beckham, I hate reading about him off the pitch but to his credit he never comes on camera and makes stupid statements, depite his mega lifestyle he has always seemed hard working and somewhat down to earth which I know sounds wrong...

    Good article today from a Washington POst sports writer ready to pounce on DC United for jacking up their ticket prices .. when their ONE product may not be available - DC united hopefully will look appalling come Friday morning. Apparently New England have done things right and sold virtually all their 32000 tickets as part of a 6 game package so the individual ticket wasnt jacked up, they just managed to sell other games to fans - whereas DC united resorted to selling individual tickets at high prices after their package plan didnt fill the stadium at all.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 11:23 AM  

  • Looks like we will need to keep doing Beckham posts to keep this topic towards the top.

    This is hilarious. Impatient? Try having fucking Loius Saha in your squad.

    "As far as the Galaxy are concerned, if he does make it through even half of this game I think there will be a huge sigh of relief because the fans are indeed getting very impatient," said Peter Bowes, the BBC's news correspondent in Los Angeles."

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 5:34 PM  

  • Oh my God this made me laugh too - they want him to play so.. he gets hurt.
    MUPPETS - a league so badly run and trying to capitalise on a chance but willing to run it into the ground - all this and Beckham keeps suggesting he will be around fro England V Germany.. next Wednesday ! Magic.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 7:25 PM  

  • There were Revs fans at the wknd with signs that read "Bench it like Beckham"

    Ouch. I'm sure that will really get to a guy who allegedly had fans chant "you're wife is a slut and I hope your kid dies of cancer" after 98.

    What a sense of entitlement they have. It will be even funnier when he starts playing and is pretty ordinary.

    Actually you know, its not that funny. Its all a little sad. This is not the way his career should be ending at 32.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 11:09 PM  

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