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Tuesday, June 26


Apparently about to announce deal with DISHTV... I hope Comcast isnt far behind... Also GolTV was supposed to be bought out but that failed.. They are showing the Copa America all month, the yanks get to play real teams in this, not Canada and Guatemala. They play Argentina Thursday night! Commentary in English, though it may be Ray Hudson who is by far and away the WORST commentator to have ever come out of England. BY MILES.


  • A deal with Comcast would be nice. Having an ITVN box for just one channel is annoying. Would be nice to be able to DVR the stuff from Setanta as well.
    I was on the itvn forums recently and saw that they briefly had "Setanta On Demand" functionality back in September but pulled it down because there was a problem with Setanta and rebroadcast rights or something.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 3:31 PM  

  • The box is defo gash, but until Comcast get on board we're stuck with it, but we can't complain really chaps, we've been spoilt with the level of coverage.

    I watched the USA v Argies game tonight and Hudson was terrible, but his terminology is absolutley hilarious. The yank dude who was with him tonight is a plank as well. During the post-match analysis he was trying to tell us Jay Demrit was world class, it was then that I had to change channels, enough is enough...

    Good to see the yanks get a good beating tonight, despite the "We haven't got donovan, beasley etc." excuses. Tevez only played the last 10 mins tonight, but still bagged one. It'll be interesting to see where he ends up now after the favourites Inter are out of the running for his signature. Simon, Would you fancy him at Arsenal? Tevez and Torres would probably set us back 50+M, but could somehow be worth it...., but the chances of us capturing one, let alone both of them are not exactly very high.

    By Blogger Ian, at 1:41 AM  

  • I watched it on some Spanish channel. Glad I missed Hudson and co. Switched over when the Argies went 2-1 up.

    Surely the US would have been better off fielding a weaker young team in that Gold Cup thing and bringing their best squad to the Copa America? I suppose the MLS season and players wanting a break before pre-season might have played a part in that decision. Donovan, and his freak-sized forehead, would have been nowhere to seen last night.

    Looks like Liverpool will seal the deal with Torres. He should form a solid partnership with Kuyt. Will be interesting to see what other business Liverpool do this summer.

    Arsenal are being linked with Martins I see.

    I think United will sign another striker but it will be on the cheaper side e.g. Gudjohnsen, Owen, Anelka. Of the 3, I would prefer Gudjohnsen I think. I have always rated him and it will be nice to put some size with all that speed we have. Smith will be gone I think but we will probably hang onto Saha until Christmas at least and see what his fitness is like. We wouldn't be able to get much for him right now anyway with all his injuries.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 9:53 AM  

  • I too watched USA V Argentina last night and listened to how the Americans were all heroes... that Eddie Johnson (awarded a soft pen) will lead the US to the World Cup in 2010...
    There were so many bad comments from Hudson that i dont know where to begin:

    "I am as big an Argentina fan as anyone on the face of this planet". - Like most Englishmen I am sure he cheers more for Argentina and England. PLus he never shut up about the great Americans...

    "Its taken 3 goals of the highest calibre for Argentina to break America down" - this despite the first goal being a shambles.

    DeMerit - World class... more genius.

    America was shi* and barely had a shot on goal besides the penalty.

    To the Premiership - would lvoe Tevez, would love Anelka, would love Martins and Owen - right now i would love anyone but am scared we will sign JohnnyDiaperWearer from Ghana at 30 pence.

    Seriously though I dont know if Tevez is what Arsenal need, i would have Anelka or Martins first as TEvez silky skills will mean we wont shoot but will continue passing. We need direct players. I would gladly take Tevez and Martins however.

    Torres is interesting - he doesnt score that many and his price tag is huge... Kuyt for me doesnt fit - he gets a lot of games and not a lot of goals - Crouch plus Torres maybe?? I am not sure. Liverpool signe da crap keeper yesterday. See this Youtube link:

    Here are highlights from his Champions League game against Bremen.

    I watched it last year so remember him well.

    The clip I am about to show you begins in the 35th minute, the keeper has just come

    on as a sub for the original who hurt himself. ENTER NIKOLAYEV

    United have had a great Summer, 3 big signings signals intent. Arsenal need to buy before August 31 if we are serious about bedding in players and challenging. Gudjohnsen would be a good buy for you as would Anelka but the latter will want to start or not at all.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 2:24 PM  

  • You guys are kill-joys. You can't love Ray's description of Johnson's goal? "Johnson's jumped out like a greeeaaaat big werewolf with that penalty." It's hilarious.

    Bornstein was the player who impressed me. Out of no-where, he's quickly cemented a place in the starting 11. Demeritt and Conrad must be the starting two center-backs from now on. If only to stop any chance of the desperately horrible Onyewu getting another cap.

    Tevez is like a leashed beast and exactly as direct a striker as what I'd to see playing for Arsenal next year. Just look at his goal, ball played over the top, controlled perfectly with his knee, and only one outcome-GOLASO-ASO-ASO.

    Less enthused about Anelka because it's never possible to predict what version will show up. If you could count on him playing like he did for Bolton at their patch, yeah, I'd like a bit of that. But when he came back to the Emirates, he was a shadow of that and just wasn't up for it.

    Martins? He might be a nutter now that more details from that incident in Nigeria are available. If the price were right and no-one but some 16 year old phenom were available, maybe.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 2:31 PM  

  • Well we got Silva, the Crozillan. I am delighted, at lower level he has been monster prolific but 7 in 12 for Croatia is great too.
    A quiet yet exciting signing - we need 2 or 3 more which is a tall order..

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 1:33 PM  

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