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Wednesday, April 11

Bye Bye Chris Coleman

Glad to see that Al Fayed has taken action. Three points out of a possible 21 deserves relegation.
This team has been consistently inconsistent but generally crap over the last two months. Coleman possibly could have turned the ship around but why take the chance. When a club sacks a manager there is normally a short term bounce. If that bounce provides six points, then Fulham escape relegation most likely.
However, it's a tough run-in including Liverpool and Arsenal. First come Reading and Blackburn so let's hope the lads show some bottle and try to impress the new short-term gaffer. It may come down to the last match of the season against Middlesbrough.


  • Aye, that run in is harsh and frankly your team is gutless. Collins JOhn today on Sky says he is stunned as he doesnt think there is that big an issue and that you would have survived. He would be the first one I ship out as he cant do Maths.
    Coleman obviously has personal life drama going on too and Fayed has done what's necessary, though he also needs to open up the wallet a tad for the new man as you will be buying David Healy this Summer among others.

    I like COleman but he can work for Sky/Setanta whoever and is still young.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 1:13 PM  

  • Dutch forward John, who has scored only one Premiership goal this season, revealed he was shocked to learn of Coleman's exit.

    "It's a great surprise," John told Sky Sports News.

    "Obviously, there are five games left and I know this situation was not very good, but I think the boys are not even thinking we are going to get relegated.

    That is the problem young Collins. If you are making statements like this it just confirms why Coleman had to go. Bunch of big-time charlies who think they are too good to go down. One goal all season. The yank Bocanegra has three or four and plays in defence.

    By Blogger Chris P, at 3:41 PM  

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