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Wednesday, March 7

A proper punch up

Forget Arsenal v Chelsea - this was anything but handbags. Here is 9 minutes of Sky coverage of it all, make of their anti Argentine bias what you will. Cracking stuff though! A couple of good angles I didnt see on Fox Soccer Channel last night.


  • Do any of these wussies actually know how to do anything but push? What a joke! Grown men running away like that...disgusting. How about throwing a punch? It's pathetic. They jaw and jaw and then foul and, when push literally comes to shove, they scatter. Cantona would never run like that.

    By Blogger G.C., at 10:01 AM  

  • I did laugh at the fella who got his punch in and then ran for his life being tracked by 3 or 4 people. I believe he ends up getting his nose broken though I am not certain. Quality stuff this and the fans waited outside after and bottled the bus.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:24 AM  

  • David Navarro was the Valencia sub who snuck around the crowd to break Burdisso's nose when his hands were being held down and then run away. What a chicken shit. Toldo got into their dressing room but didn't hear about Navarro's noce being broken but I would love to see footage from in there.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 1:13 PM  

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