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Monday, March 5

The dream is over...

Take a good look, my friends, at the kit required to be an absolute disaster. It's bad enough that MCFC spent 7.5M pounds on two strikers who, in 74 combined appearances, have scored 14 goals... 30 points taken from 27 matches? Horrendous. Relegation is certain. Why? Well, how about 11 matches to play with four of those against United, Chelsea, Gunners and Pool. We're doomed. I won't bother mentioning my pre-campaign prediction for European qualification; I am disgusted by the lack of invention, creativity, flow, determination and passion in this listless, powder blue collection of dunces. Years ago I suggested that a flamethrower be taken to the headquarters of US Soccer in Chicago. I now add the entire board, coaching staff and locker room for the Sky Blues. I'll be more than happy to man the fire-blaster. Last Saturday, I wore my Barton #8 2006-07 kit top to work and was lambasted by three UK visitors. They asked how I could possibly support that club...was I a total masochist? I very well may be. The club is already some 7M pounds in the red; relegation means a loss of at least 30M pounds in television, advertising and related operational revenue. Pitiful. Can't wait to play at Luton, Plymouth and Colchester next season! (Who needs Old Trafford, Anfield or Emirates?) For now, though, at least I have something to look forward to: going to England in early April to see three matches in four days. Charlton at Man City, Liverpool at Reading, Man City at Fulham. I'll post the pics when I return. I hate football.


  • Nah George you aint going down.
    Not this year though you want to be not predicting Euro qualification next year, thats for sure.
    The bottom 3 this year are so bad that maybe none of them will reach 30 points. And you wont lose every game left so you will hang on and maybe finish 15-17th.

    Next year you will need a big overhaul or have to hope that those who come up are equally poor though with it looking like Birmingham, West Brom and maybe Sunderland thats a slight upgrade in quality as they have experience.

    Quarter finals of the cup and a very good shout of making the semis. Its not all bad.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:10 AM  

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