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Wednesday, February 7

Beckham and MLS

Okay so its been announced in DC that Goldenballs will play in DC for the Galaxy on August 9th, I can hardly contain my excitement....

However - right now its a ticket you can only get by being a SEASON ticketholder. Yes sign up for all the DC united games and you can get the privilege of watching speedy, dribbling, ultimate superstar Beckham play LIVE as you sit there with your hot dog and Bud. I had to laugh. Regular tickets go on sale July and I will happily sit out the MLS and pick up my ticket then. Beckham in a schedule which is so badly set up with business before football will play several away games after his arrival, only Dallas wont see him after he arrives. LA will play most of the first half of the season at home. Business before soccer.. as always. Incidentally - this league which claims it wont repeat the NASL horrors of signing over the hill players at inflated rates has recently tried and failed to sign Ronaldo (New York) and ZINEDINE ZIDANE!! (Chicago). This league is in good hands.


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