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Friday, February 23

United v Lille

This is a very good recap (7 mins) of this game including an interview with Sir Alex and a good look at the 2 football incidents and the near walk out. For me Lille deserve to play 2 gmaes behind closed doors - and thats without taking into account their awful handling of the crowd in scenes that could have been Hillsbroughesque.


  • Simon -

    You are 100% correct. Though I am clearly not a United supporter, taking quick free kicks is part of the game. It's not cheating; it's quick thinking. The referee has backed away to allow play to continue and the fact that Lille showed no sense of urgency is their own fault - and that of their complacent manager in training. Who DOESN'T coach to stand over the ball and take a yellow in those situations to slow down the restart? I applaud Giggs - saw this before in one of my state cup games in Austin (TX) years ago with Thunder FC. We had a teammate named Andy Locke who ripped a cracker as the other team was lazily getting organized. Brilliant.

    The situation in the stands was, again, disgusting. No excuse. The mob mentality - especially when cretins are involved - is extremely dangerous. While everyone tends to point fingers in different directions, I ask where the individual responsibility lies within each supporter with a ticket. That, my friend, is the essence of the problem - acting rational in an emotional moment is seemingly impossible.

    But, we're only human beings. We wage war and kill one another with greater frequency than any other species. Can we expect civility? Doubtful.


    I hated the French, in general, before this and I hate them (all) even more now...except for Dabo and Distin.

    One more note: Arsenal will fall in the FA Cup to Man City.

    By Blogger G.C., at 12:03 PM  

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