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Tuesday, September 4

Fulham - La juega bonita

"You must be joking" is surely your response and I am having a bit of a laugh. Whilst delighted as a Fulham supporter to have fought back, from a neutral perspective it is clearly laughable how Jol went defensive and did not kill off the match. Lawrie Sanchez started talking about James Bond even:
"You see in James Bond films when they don't kill him and he comes up and finishes them off. It's similar in life. You never give people the chance and they gave us a chance to get back in it."
For those that did not see the match Tottenham were up 3-1 and Berbatov had already made Stefanovich look like a muppet; he has all the blazing speed of a Carlos Bocanegra. Why he was signed I do not know. Fulham brought four forward and Tottenham sat back and did not counterattack other than to send their strikers. There were numerous instances where their strikers were marked but a pass across the middle would not have been covered by Fulham's defence, only no Tottenham player was there.
For those not pleased with Jol, this is really fuel to the fire.
Finally, Fulham got a bit of luck on their side.


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