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Monday, October 1

Happy Days!

Tough day at the office for Chelsea: another draw; no goals scored; John Terry out for six weeks; Drogba suspended; a hostile crowd taunting Abromovich and booing Shevchenko; Peter Kenyon looking miserable and Grant very uncomfortable. Fulham had it easier with the crowd than Chelsea did and it was at the Bridge.
They are now asking the FA to suspend Dempsey. That is a bit harsh and contrary to rumours, Dempey did not read this board and have a go at Terry as a favour for me. It was Drogba that thought he was filming a Kung Fu Fighting video for Carl Douglas. Chelsea fans are just used to having it too easy. Wonder how many of this lot above were there when Bates was still the chairman.
On Saturday perhaps if Kalou could finish it would be a different story but the same could be said of Kamara. In short, Chelsea did not look like world beaters on Saturday. They are like those aliens in "Independence Day" once the shield goes down or like Drago once he is cut. May the rest of the league put the collective boot into them and may Abromovich take his marbles and go home. In short time, Chelsea's reputation will be based on its firm.
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