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Friday, October 12

Graham Poll - A bit rich

You could not make this stuff up. The worst referree in the history of the English top flight retires and now gets a column in the Daily Mail. If a manager so much as says anything mildly critical of a referree in the press, the FA hauls them in for disciplinary action. Once the referrees retire though, the referreee may say anything: "There cannot be a less popular character in football" regarding Warnock. Poll was just warming up.
Poll continues
"Warnock has to be the biggest whinger to have taken charge of a football team and he has fallen out with almost every manager he has come across. His foul-mouthed tirades expose his lack of intelligence and self-control. His obsession with referees is almost perverse. "


  • But didn't he hit the nail on the head with Warnock though.

    Next week, special expose. Piltdown Sam is a cry-baby too.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 10:58 PM  

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