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Tuesday, March 20

'ard man attacks Lampard

The only thing more ridiculous than this young lad acting tough is the Chelsea players walking around the pitch without their shirts.

Thursday, March 15


As if the UK were not aleady going to hell in a handbasket due to the Labour party (Thatcherite concerning economics, lap dog to US on Iraq, but loony left in all other aspects resulting in failed policies on transport, hospitals, and schools; persecution of Christians; alienation of Muslims; and rampant violence by maurading gangs of 13 yr olds), the Football League is now proposing shot-outs in cases of draws. Granted it would not affect the Premiership yet, but if you let the devil in for tea he will soon plan a banquet in your house.

Tuesday, March 13

George did you write this?

READ ME A good 3-0 thumping from Chelsea tomorrow might be the end..

Thursday, March 8

College Basketball Pool

Hey RTC contributors and's tourney time again - something to take our minds off the demise of Man City FC and the fact that Arsenal will not have any silverware this season...
So, spread the word - please!
As the UCLA Bruins seek their 12th title this year in men's basketball ("powerhouses" UNC and Duke have seven, combined), I'll try to keep this pool as simple as possible - especially for Big 10 fans.
The participation donation is $10. You can contact me to get my address to mail it. No hurry, but prior to the end of the second round would be great.
1st Place = 65%
2nd Place = 25%
3rd Place = 10%

Because I don't wish to waste time dealing with spreadsheets, late entries and disputes over selections or point totals, this year's pool will be run through Yahoo.
To enter, follow these easy steps:
1. Go to this link
2. Select "Join a Group."
3. If you have a Yahoo ID, simply enter your user name and password. If you don't, it takes about three minutes to get one.
4. Agree to the terms and conditions.
5. Select "Private Group."
6. Enter the Group ID number: 54742
Note: the group name is Buzzer Beaters.
7. Enter the password: thunderfc
8. You will then be able to select the name for your bracket (be creative) and choose user options. Yahoo will send updates and reminders to you about entry deadlines, etc.
That's it! You're in! The only final suggestion (other than picking the Bruins) is to forward this email to all of your friends - the bigger the pot, well, you get the idea!

Wednesday, March 7

A proper punch up

Forget Arsenal v Chelsea - this was anything but handbags. Here is 9 minutes of Sky coverage of it all, make of their anti Argentine bias what you will. Cracking stuff though! A couple of good angles I didnt see on Fox Soccer Channel last night.

Monday, March 5

The Run-In

Okay Johnno, i figured I would beat you to the punch and provide the run-in which as I see it has 7 key weeks. Both sides pay 5 of the top 10 in their last few games including each other right near the end assuming one of United and Chelsea makes the semis of the FA Cup. If United win the first 2 fixtures at home, thats it - all over. If they slip Chelsea might claw it back. Sadly enough I can see Chelsea winning every single one of these games. If that happens United need to win 7 of the 8 (assuming Chelsea beat them). Thats still tough but if they win the first 2 I think Chelsea will give up. Lets hope anyway. May 5th sees 2 potentially massive derbies with Arsenal hosting Chelsea and City hosting United, if there is still anything to play for that will be a volatile weekend.

The dream is over...

Take a good look, my friends, at the kit required to be an absolute disaster. It's bad enough that MCFC spent 7.5M pounds on two strikers who, in 74 combined appearances, have scored 14 goals... 30 points taken from 27 matches? Horrendous. Relegation is certain. Why? Well, how about 11 matches to play with four of those against United, Chelsea, Gunners and Pool. We're doomed. I won't bother mentioning my pre-campaign prediction for European qualification; I am disgusted by the lack of invention, creativity, flow, determination and passion in this listless, powder blue collection of dunces. Years ago I suggested that a flamethrower be taken to the headquarters of US Soccer in Chicago. I now add the entire board, coaching staff and locker room for the Sky Blues. I'll be more than happy to man the fire-blaster. Last Saturday, I wore my Barton #8 2006-07 kit top to work and was lambasted by three UK visitors. They asked how I could possibly support that club...was I a total masochist? I very well may be. The club is already some 7M pounds in the red; relegation means a loss of at least 30M pounds in television, advertising and related operational revenue. Pitiful. Can't wait to play at Luton, Plymouth and Colchester next season! (Who needs Old Trafford, Anfield or Emirates?) For now, though, at least I have something to look forward to: going to England in early April to see three matches in four days. Charlton at Man City, Liverpool at Reading, Man City at Fulham. I'll post the pics when I return. I hate football.