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Tuesday, February 28

England manager

Martin O'Neill, Sam Allardyce, Steve McClaren, Guus Hiddink, Alan Curbishley and Stuart Pearce are reportedly the six names on the FA's short-list to replace Sven as England manager. Right who would you have? And who do you think will get it?

Sunday, February 26

Bye bye Henry

Right I am sick of him - he got a good goal against Madrid but didnt do a lot else - his workrate has gotten very poor. Here is a man t hat can change games but too often plays within himself cos he cant be bothered. At Blackburn yesterday he did bugger all - claps a lot after not running for balls he should have but other than that rarely put himself about. Plus this is our captain - Henry out, I will be the first to say it - if we get 20 mill offered I think we should take it - tired of these Frenchies holding us to ransom throughout the season. No point having hat trick Henry for one out of every 5 games and then being passenger Henry for the other 4.

Saturday, February 25

Fair play to Jose

This story's probably rubbish but apparently Kenyon wanted to buy Beckham for global appeal and Jose was having none of it. Got to respect him for that.

Thursday, February 23

CHelsea need to buy Mike Riley from United

Quality ref for that Chelsea/barce game - he got the red card wrong and should have awarded 2 penalties to Barcelona. Anyway he has defended his red card he gave Del Horno with the following statement.

Wednesday, February 22

Match for the Ages - The LDV Vans Trophy Northern Section Final

Peter Murphy with the header in injury time for a Carlisle United win. Classic stuff!

Football the way its meant to be played

LAst night I watched us thoroughly deserve to beat Real Madrid. Two teams that want to play football - Madrid who dont bother to defend a lot were often exposed but comign forward they were great until they hit our back four which amazingly did very well. great great game and we gave ourself every chance of going through. I see at least 4 goals going in during the return leg. The Arsenal lads were given time and space on the ball and it made for a very entertaining game - alas in the Premiership where Bolton, Blackburn and the rest are you dont get to see such great football. Wenger has built a team that can compete in Europe though it ill be interesting to see if we survive and get Juve just how much space they allow us!

Monday, February 20

Mourinho the Philosopher

"Sometimes you have ugly people who are intelligent, like scientists. " - He is brillant. He is starting to rival Wenger in this category

Thursday, February 16

Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy

This is the same corrupt bastard who introduced additional rounds of qualifying in CONCACAF to ensure more gate receipts among island minnows, which in turn helped keep him in power with the suits at FIFA. I say late him twist in the wind. Rock the Crossbar

Monday, February 13

Yahoo Fantasy Football

So I was wondering what was happening with Yahoo Fantasy Football after noticing over the weekend that points hadn't been updated. Turns out it's died. Simon, WTF? Rock the Crossbar

Sunday, February 12

Abramovich Out of Control

As if I needed another reason to hate Chelsea.,,1708585,00.html Rock the Crossbar

News of the World sitting on big one... THe 3 people who cant be named for legal reasons are because Arsenal have taken out an injunction against the newspaper. THe ENgland player mentioned is Campbell. RUmour has it the other 2 mentioned are Jermaine Jenas and Will Young who was Britains first Pop Idol (The show that spawned American Idol). Word is SOl to retire in a couple of months and then this story to completely come out.

Friday, February 10

Joe Red to choose Italy

From today's Manchester Evening News:

United youngster Giuseppe Rossi will choose Italy over the USA should he make the step up to international football.

The striker was born in New Jersey, but is also eligible to play for the Azzurri.

And although he is grateful for the help he got as a young footballer in the States, he has intimated that his heart belongs to Italy.

"I grew up watching the Italian team and Serie A,” he said.

"I really appreciate having had the chance to play for America and I thank the USA for that. But Italian football has always been a part of me."

Wednesday, February 8

Merson quote: Drink myself to death

Hadn't really thought about that. Doesn't he have a house in New Hampshire

Sunday, February 5

United Defence - Absolute rubbish

Whilst never pleased with losing matches must state that I was proud of Fulham's play yesterday. The refs have it in for us and have allowed at least three offside goals to stand over the last few matches when we play Van Horse and Co. Take that goal away and substitute in a real defender (sorry Tom) for Carlos "turning shoulders to avoid blow from handbag" Bocanegra and it was level. Self justification you think. No, the fact is that United are rubbish. This is the first time I recall going down two goals (twice) and thinking we could still make a match of it. The reason is that United's back four are crap. I don't see what the hype is about Evra. He kept colluding in to Silvestre despite speaking the same language. He also got hinself injured on a reckless challenge. Serves him right. Wes Brown needs to go now. If you're a United supporter, you can't be pleased with the donkeys in defence. United aren't even worth hating these days. I'm actually upset with their defending myself. It offends me.

Friday, February 3

Sol Campbell, what happened?

Is he looking for a new gig?

Can you spot Fredie and Tierry

in this pic?

Just Like MLS

From today's Fiver... QUOTE OF THE DAY "I've been doing really well with my football as well as with girls. Because we are United players they all want to go with us" - David Beckham reveals a fledgling footballer's lot is a happy one in letters he wrote as a 16-year-old, which are being sold at Bonhams auction house next month. Rock the Crossbar