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Friday, February 3

Sol Campbell, what happened?

Is he looking for a new gig?

Can you spot Fredie and Tierry

in this pic?


  • Can't quite spot either Fredie or Thierry in here, but I think that's Terry McDermott in the black. The hat obscures the bubble perm la, but I'm sure that's him.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 1:24 PM  

  • This is good stuff from Amy Lawrence in the Observer,,1702712,00.html?gusrc=rss

    By Blogger gooner71, at 2:07 PM  

  • Steve, great article, thanks for that. As for Sol - clearly the pressure of shagging off the field has left him sad and heavy. I dont buy it, I think he has been going down for a long time and this is merely an extra hassle - he has clearly put football second in recent months.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 2:30 PM  

  • Sol's problem is obviously that he is struggling to make ends meet and has had to take a second job as a painter. As a result, he is getting less sleep and is tired and depressed all the time. Check out this pic from when he recently dashed straight from a painting job to a celebrity event - didn’t even have time to change his pants the poor lad.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 9:14 PM  

  • On second thoughts, maybe Wenger had been giving him a lap dance?

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 9:14 PM  

  • Those are holes not paint. Perhaps he was dragged to that party?

    By Blogger gooner71, at 5:23 PM  

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