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Wednesday, January 18

They wouldn't....would they?

Mahamadou Diarra

Rumours abound today that Mahamadou Diarra is headed for England next season with Chelsea and United the forerunners in the chase for his signature.

On the surface, he seems like exactly what United need right now but we obviously don't have a chance if Chelsea are in for him. Considering they already have Essien, Lampard, Maniche and Makelele, and are favourites to end up with Obi-Mikel when all the singing and dancing has finished, will Chelsea make it even more depressing for us all by signing Diarra?

I think they will. They can land another massive blow to United by beating us to another top centre-midfielder, thereby overloading on the very position where we are weakest, while at the same time bringing in what many consider to be the natural, long-term replacement for Makelele. One week they can play with Makelele, Obi-Mikel and Lampard and the next they can go with Diarra, Essien and Maniche.

I don't see how we can get him if Chelsea want him. Even if he would prefer guaranteed first team football at United, Lyon will demand the highest price and United cannot match Chelsea there. Just for fun Chelsea can go in with a 25million bid and see what happens. If United don't match them they can haggle a little with Lyon like they did over Essien. If United do match them, they can just go to 26. Worst case scenario for Chelsea is they drive United to spend their entire transer budget for about 3 seasons on a single player - a player who Chelsea don't really even need.


  • Chelsea would absolutely do this - its ridiculous. One could argue they are being smart but one could also argue they are cowards who are scared to play against these players.
    Arsenal will beat CHelsea to Walcott for 2 reasons - one he wants to play for us - 2 Chelsea cant offer more than us as Southampton havent got a contract with him - if he did , I am sure Chelsea could push it up to 20 odd million.
    But in United's case Lyon does have his contract so Chelsea will do exactly what you said John, either eat up all your transfer budget or buy yet another center midfielder just to piss you all off.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:14 AM  

  • Atually he has a pre contract with Southampton - but that can be broken and go to appeal (as happened for Jenas, or maybe dafoe, I think). He obviously wants to play for Liverpool, being a fan - but I doubt we'd pay (or he's worth) that kind of money.

    By Blogger Rich Hughes, at 10:29 AM  

  • Wants to go to Liverpool my arse... all i have heard from is how much he wants to play with Theirry henry.. not a word from him about linking up wih Crouch or Cisse or Traore..!

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 11:22 AM  

  • I don't know how it would work but UEFA needs to institute some sort of transfer cap. Perhaps it could be tied to % of turnover. Chelsea of course, could still offer personnal terms in excess of other clubs, which would also suggest a salary cap is needed.
    One can't plausibly argue that clubs from other regions will start attracting top footballers if transfer fees among European clubs are capped. Europe will stay reign supreme.
    Stand together as one or perish.

    By Blogger Chris P, at 12:27 PM  

  • I think we have to wait until the situation gets much worse before measures will be taken. Right now Chelsea not only can buy the best 11, they can buy the best 22.

    It's up to the players to sort this out by seeing guaranteed first teamers sitting on their backside at Chelsea.

    I remember only 7-10 years ago it was the Italian clubs like Inter and Milan and Juve who storehoused the players until the likes of Sosa and Zamarano and some notable others were nearly ruined. Those guys left and sorted themselves out after a few years at second tier Italian, Spanish, and Argentinean clubs.

    It's going to take that sort of realization for potential transfers to Chelsea to insert some sort of minimum start clause in their contracts. Wait a bit, Chelsea are turning themselves into Real Madrid... the comic one.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 10:04 PM  

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