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Tuesday, January 10

Cackalacka Cup

Okay so we got beat 1-0 by Wigan - we fielded half a team, we played away and got beat just 1-0 by a full team with a good record. We have the second leg to come and I can honestly say I dont care if we win - this Cup has to go - its worthless, no pride in winning something that teams only half compete in through to the semi finals - apparently United tomorrow are playing their dross against Blackburn - cant they just consolidate the cups into one (ie do away with this cup) - how does the Worthless Cup have a 2 legged Semi? Wigan's JJB Stadium was only half full!


  • Don't you worry Simon, once Henry actually leaves Highbury, or Ashburton Grove, and Tottenham are the top team in N London, I'm sure Wenger will field a full squad for this competition.

    By Blogger Chris P, at 1:00 PM  

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