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Friday, January 6

MLS and the A-League

I was up late last night and caught some A-league highlights on FSC. This league is ridiculous, pure sunday pub football stuff. I think the lowest scoring game had 4 goals, and the commentator was boasting that the whole fixture list averaged 5 goals a game - too funny! Pop And the A-league is superior to the MLS - this says it all abotu MLS. I think I should start a book on how far American goes this World Cup while I am at it..


  • Why would you bother watching the A-League? Bored with your current stock of porn?

    The MLS is dire viewing much of the time and it's miles better than the A-League or those college games.

    With the outreach that the MLS has made into the college game, those that are left there and who must trawl in the A-League have little realistic chance of a career as a professional footballer of any ilk.

    I really can't figure why it's televised at all. The rights to televise the Dutch or Belgian league can't be that expensive that FSS has to resort to the college and the A-League to fill out the schedule.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 12:36 PM  

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