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Friday, January 13

The club / "the brand"

Everyone seems to want fans globally from new markets. Here's some interesting stuff: is offically the most visited football club website in the world according to It's traffic rank is 2,182 out of ALL internet sites on the web and even ranks above the Premier League's own website. The top 10 clubs are as follows:
1. - 2,182 2. - 4,078 3. - 4,183 4. - 5,350 5. - 6,086 6. - 8,244 7. - 7,984 8. - 13,520 9. - 14,918 (LYON) - 19,162
SOURCE: Our global support is clearly massive - but I fear other teams are doing a better job of capturing theres. ...


  • What do you mean by your last sentence? If Liverpool is shoulders above everyone else in regards to size of international base, other clubs' would naturally have a higher growth rate even if absolute growth of Liverpool was higher than theirs.
    I really wouldn't worry about it. Of more concern would be cracking down on counterfeiters so that when someone in Asia buys a kit, the club might actually see some dosh. A few recent court cases in China have been encouraging.

    By Blogger Chris P, at 4:40 PM  

  • Well, each fan should be worth N pounds, on average. Yernited are well aware of this an trying to capture it through licensing, merchendising etc. We're well behind the curve.

    By Blogger Rich Hughes, at 4:48 PM  

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