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Thursday, July 5

A tale of two Manchesters

Alright what happened to the doom and gloom i was promised a couple of years ago. I had visions of United securitising their debts and going under as they succumbed in Europe and the Premiership - instead today i read from reputable sources like BBC Five Live that a deal for Tevez is about done - making their 4th very expensive signing this Summer. Did United suddenly become the new Chelsea???

And then we have Man City - bought with bent money, how much of it actually exists I don't know but either way new ownership is imminent and Sven has apparently demanded TEN new signings. I am sure this pleases GAC and the City fans who know that that team right now is a utter dreck. Still ten new signings - where do clubs get that wealth.

And don't even start me on Spurs who for the last 3 years have somehow found bazillions to spend - 16.5 on Bent, 10 on Bale. In some sense its nice to see our top clubs buying British as its good for the national sides but seriously 16.5 for DARREN BENT is more than we sold Henry for. Arsenal never spend any of our cash like this but I am beginning to think the new market means we will have to.

Tuesday, July 3

Top 50 world Footballers Thoughts, Gentlemen?


I'm so glad that MLS is starting to benefit our men's national team! To think that I was worried about aging Euro stars like Beckham taking roster spots away from aspiring US teenage sensations. I guess I was a bit jaded, at first, but now I'm really a believer. Did you SEE the last two matches against Argentina and Paraguay? Brilliant stuff. I mean, sure, the Argies bring off Messi and bring on Tevez - big deal! We bring on Nguyen for Kljestan. Fantastic! As for our marking in the back, wow...quite frankly, I've never seen anything like it. I would wager that even City would have a hard time beating the USMNT: most likely due to the laughter. Absolutely f-ing pathetic.