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Monday, January 22


Once again Arsenal have shown United that they are hasbeens. THe team is too old, Scholes and Giggs were anonymous, Neville was caught cold. Van DE Saar never moved. Arsenal with youth and a mix of good football and hoofing it to Adebayor deserved 3 points and showed Fergie that he NEEDS TO GO - I said this before after Arsenal thumped United in the first game that Fergie needs to be replaced now as his old 1970's style of football has no place in the modern game.

Friday, January 19

Glen Johnson caught trying to buy toilet seat on cheap

Apparently Glen Johnson can't get by on 30K a week. He fancied the more upmarket seat but wasn't going to pay full price so with the help of a Milwall player he put in packaging for a cheaper seat. Class

Thursday, January 11

How the Mighty Have fallen

BBC confirm Beckham move in summer to LA Galaxy