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Friday, August 31


I dont know about you all but I am big into the footy podcasts as i can then listen to them at my leisure. THe current crop i am listening to: The Guardian footy podcast - twice a week. Pretty good banter.

BBC Radio 5 has a good few: Sportsweek is a 1 hour interview show each week with top named guests, from all sports but primarily football.

Five Live Football Daily is a daily 25 minute round up of BBC's coverage with interviews, panels , match reports...

Fighting Talk is hosted by Northern Ireland's Colin Murray and is a cant miss.

And of course the 606 phone in where muppets call in and butcher English while telling the various hosts (Tim Lovejoy, Alan Green, Spoony) why they would be a better manager than their current beleaguered one.

Another Jose song

This one was from last season - brief interview with fake Jose and a song that makes me laugh. Something for a Labour Day Friday...with a U in it.

Tuesday, August 28

Season so far

Well its only August still but already its the best Prem ever. United are up and running and despite having no decent strikers fit are still a threat. Chelsea are as crap to watch as ever - remember this is new super expansive exciting Chelsea and they still really just aim to play crap footy and win by 1. Rubbish

Arsenal are quietly winning games without anyone really giving them a prayer and Jens has an injury... allegedly. Fulham are clearly the unlucky team that only has 84 minutes in them. Dead striker, goals not given but Healy will keep them up and hopefully more than that. Tottenham have broke into the elusive bottom 4 and long may they stay there. Jol has sword of Damacles over him and will eventually be kicked out. Liverpool look the main threat but lets be honest Benitez will eventually rotate when he shuoldnt and cost them all.

Of the mid level sides, Portsmouth are the threat, Man City with 2 more Svennis signings may make UEFA Cup. Vila/West Ham/Newcastle all mid table sides who will upset the big 4 more often than last year. Blackburn are the most hated team I hope - they are evil. All of them.

Its been fantastic so far..

Sunday, August 19


UNITED - played 3, scored 1, won 0. SEASON IN TATTERS Manager buys no proper strikers... Humiliated by City. There is always Europe United fans. I am seeing Arsenal later and know that if Blackburn beat us 10-0 we are still ap oint clear of United with a game in hand.

Thursday, August 16

Blue skies, smiling at me....

Nothing but blue skies, do I see. City 3, United 0. My prediction.

Sunday, August 12

Fox soccer channel online ..

Okay its just been announced.. Five dollars for an online game that they show... plus Monday morning free highlights of every Premiership game on your computer (with commercials).

Friday, August 10

EPL Predictions

So, it's that time of the year again...predictions for the EPL season!!! As you can see, this fine representation to the left is of Patrick Devitt laying down the green for Arsenal - and it all starts early on Sunday for the Gunners. (please note that the dice in his closed right fist are most likely "loaded") First, though, ESPN reported during the Beckham-cam laced MLS match last night that USA star-in-the-making Feilhaber got his work permit to play for Derby...and pronounced it as derby, vice the correct "darby." Pathetic, but expected. So, with that, I will give you the first round of picks for the final table of the 2007-08 campaign. Go Sky Blues!!!

1. United 2. Tottenham 3.Chelsea 4. Liverpool

5. Arsenal 6. Reading 7. Bolton 8. CITY

9. Pompey 10. Sunderland 11. Everton 12. West Ham

13. Newcastle 14. Fulham 15. Wigan 16. Aston Villa

17. Boro 18. Blackburn 19. Derby 20.Birmingham.

Wednesday, August 8


UPDATE: FSC have reneged and are now showing Arsenal LIVE at 7am. Thank God. Crappy FSC obviously dont have their broadband coverage anywhere close to set up...

Monday, August 6

EPL 2007/8 US coverage

Listened to an interview this afternoon with some twat from FSC who was talking about their channels coverage. Basically the keypoints were: 1) Some crap Beckham program will be aired on FSC weekly - joy.

2) Games will continue to be shown on slight tape delay so they can get in the titles and not make folk who switch on at 10 miss the lineups. Whatever they claim they are not keeping it live and you are advised not to have the web open at the time.

3) The crappy ticker which shows out of date news and/or spoilers for games is gone during English matches.

4) It looks like will have free Premiership highlights on late Sunday/sometime Monday. They won the rights but its unclear if they are going to attempt to charge for them yet, i think though that it will be free and at better quality than Youtube.

5) FSC will also show a game a week on PPV on Broadband (price not yet announced), the first week is Arsenal V Fulham though I think this is a 7am Eastern time match on a Sunday. Fox soccer will also beam you highlights to your cell phone if you pay for it. Apparently mobile highlights will be during the game Van Persie scored his third against United, its on your phone 3 mins later.

6) FSC will air a half hour show before the 10am Eastern game Saturday for preview purposes which I am pleased about unless I see Max and Nick in their all too similar outfits standing up looking awkward and trying to fill time... They will also air a 90 minute show Sunday showing a mixture of highlights from the weekend of MLS/Premiership/Argentina/USL and Italy. Sounds like a longer just as crap version of their Shorter Super Saturday round up show. I hate watching multiple league highlights at once and would rather wait for the hour English round up show on Sunday nights (apparently now at midnight Sunday)

7) One half of team twat is gone from Fox's footy fone in joke. The Liverpool supporting one has gone off to produce a poker show - yes POKER. Says everything. The acerbic Chelsea twat remains with Nick Webster, Bus Stop boy.

8) Setanta confirmed that EPL is online this year, at 600K - at 14.95 per month. Includes GAA sports and Rugby and online services allow you to choose between games apparently if they own the rights to them (FSC own half, Setanta own half). NO games on here are PPV (for EPL).

Lets all laugh at Beckham and/or MLS

Okay I haven't posted on Beckham yet but there is just so much material I now have to. Firstly, did anyone watch that shambles of a game he played in for 10 minutes V Chelsea - worst coverage ever - his own camera showing him tying his laces every 2 minutes... then he played and I cried with laughter when Steve Sidwell clattered him. Since then Beckham hasn't played , has been spotted in the stands instead of with his team and the US Public is beginning to get impatient - where is Beckham? Can we get a refund... He hasn't played in Dallas and now in Toronto where American idiots bought tickets at inflated prices to see him play only to be disappointed and not even have him do a pre game bow. So MLS has problems - its marquis player cant play and fans aren't happy - he is due in DC this Thursday and I will laugh if he cant play and the 58000 or so fans who have sold out RFK at higher than normal prices are left deflated on a Thursday night. I didn't buy a ticket as I couldn't give a shi* Surely there are others out there enjoying this as much as me.. I hope he declares himself fit on Friday and then makes the England V Germany friendly next week though I doubt he will come over for that. truth be told Beckham is right not to play till he gets fit, its a 5 year deal, no point playing hurt, getting more hurt and missing 6 months. Stupid pratt fans have no clue. Also look out for ESPN's new overhead cam, great when a team takes a free kick or corner - its a camera that 'floats' around is way behind a free kick , ie) half way line. You see a free kick as if you were miles away. Its awesome. No. Its shi*. Thanks ESPN for trying to reinvent footy camera views. Now stop.

The best of the Rest

So big signings this Summer - Fulham bought Kamara and Healey, Liverpool bought that floppy haired muppet and Babel, Arsenal picked up the Crozillian and Sagna, United picked up some divers and Hargreaves. Chelsea bought some free pap and I expect will still pick up one or 2 late high price buys (daniel alves watch this space)...West Ham picked up all the wankers in World football, Spurs signed Darren Bent and Gareth Bale for a combined 27 million...Portsmouth I think bought a lot or at least were linked with a lot...Villa bought the West Ham rejects... And then we have Manchester City - 8 signings this week alone. City fans excited and claim Sven has attracted overseas talent. And its ALL overseas. Here is the problem - i have hardly heard of ANY oF THEM. Indeed as I sit here, i cant remember what they have signed - ther were a few that sounded like Bulgarian words for vomit and then what - i think only Martin Petrov is someone i can remember hearing about ever before. Another drab season for City... Whats Sven's severance package this time?