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Thursday, December 28

Season finale and Liverpool dreams

Okay - some clever fella realised that Chelsea host United on April 14th - also known as FA CUP SEMI FINAL day. Odds on United and/or Chelsea will be in the semis especially with Arsenal or Liverpool eliminated at the first hurdle.

If that happens - Chelsea v United will be moved to May 8 or 9, a midweek game just prior to the last fixture of the season the following weekend.

Assuming United can keep Chelsea at bay long enough and the gap is within 3 points that will be a mouthwatering week. Chelsea just prior to that game would face Arsenal at the Emirates in the league. What a week in store , potentially :)

Tuesday, December 26

So Far So Good

Stuck in Ohio with no access to matches on television, so I've been reduced to listening to radio coverage online. Nonetheless, I'm loving results thus far today. Before leaving on Saturday, I was stuck listening to some of the most moronic drivel I've heard in a long time - all of out it spouted by some pathetic Arsenal supporter - while in the Phoenix. This kid was easily one of the biggest bozos I've encountered ever. Anywhere. Settling in now for the Simon derby. Come on Watford!

Tuesday, December 19

Big Girl's Blouse

This is completely ridiculous. I thought Everton were meant to be tough but they are having a good whinge and now taking legal action for someone calling Johnson a diver. Soft as sh%te.

Monday, December 18

Who are these people?

Every now and again I go to They are taking votes for the best play / moment something of 2006. Shockingly, the montage to the left has no picture of the World Cup. These people are pathetic. They're aliens. I have absolutely no idea who the effeminate guy is in the top picture nor what relevance a woman in a dress has to the sport but they must have played a large part to US Soccer this year.

Tuesday, December 12


Oh lads, you're going to love me today.... ESPN acquires U.S. and Canadian media rights to UEFA Euro 2008 Updated December 11, 2006 European soccer governing body UEFA has announced that ESPN International has acquired exclusive media rights in the U.S. and Canada to UEFA Euro 2008, the European soccer championship. All 31 matches of UEFA Euro 2008 will air LIVE in the U.S. in English, with 2 matches to be broadcast over-the air on ABC and the other 29 matches to air on either ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPN Classic. A comprehensive highlights show will air on each match day during the competition. ESPN Deportes will air all 31 matches in the U.S. in Spanish. ESPN has also acquired radio and new media rights to UEFA Euro 2008. In the U.S., ESPN Deportes Radio will offer Spanish-language radio coverage. ESPN has the option to sublicense English-language radio coverage to another broadcaster. The broadband Internet subscription video service will simulcast one match per match day with the exception of the 2 matches to be aired on ABC. The Mobile ESPN Publishing content licensing business will offer video clips, photo slide shows, news, and results to mobile communication service providers in the U.S. In Canada, TSN will air all 31 matches in English with 30-minute pre-game and 15-minute post-game shows. RDS will air all 31 matches in French. ESPN outbid the incumbent, Setanta Sports North America, for the video rights in the U.S. and Canada. Setanta had presented UEFA Euro 2000 and 2004 in the U.S. mostly on pay-per-view with a handful of matches sublicensed to Univision (in 2000) and FOX Sports World (in 2004) for live or same-day delay broadcast. Setanta had sublicensed UEFA Euro 2000 and 2004 to TSN and RDS in Canada.

Friday, December 8

Nick and Steve muppet scandal

This is doing the rounds on various US Footy websites and amongst Liverpool fans. Well worth a thought or a letter to Fox as this is just terrible. These muppets have been muppets far too long, its time to see them removed. Steve HAS to go.----------------------- We are currently urging all Liverpool fans, particularly those based in USA to boycott the Fox Soccer Channel’s “Fox Football Fone-In” show following comments made by one of it’s presenters on Tuesday’s show. Co-presenter and Chelsea fan Stephen Cohen accused Liverpool fans of “directly causing the worst two disasters in English football history.” He went on to say that he’s sick of Liverpool fans ramming their success down his throat and that “there’s a disgusting side of Liverpool’s history that I’ll be happy to talk about.” Cohen was of course relating to the Hillsborough and Heysel disasters, and apparently this it not the first time he has made such slanderous and ill-informed comments on national television. Seemingly he ‘joked’ Liverpool should have 39 coffins on their badge to go with the 5 stars. Cohen’s comments were aired live to a nation which is being educated about the game of soccer and particularly about the history of the English game. Most of it’s audience would be young Americans wanting to learn about English teams and their traditions - unfortunately many will instantly tarnish the Liverpool name due to Cohen’s comments. We have written to the show, and Fox Television for which it is broadcast and are yet to receive any reply. We hope they will take action and remove this ‘presenter’ from his prime time TV slot where he continually mis-leads his easily lead audience. We urge all Liverpool fans to email and with your comments, particularly those based in the USA and who may have seen this particular show or any others with Cohen.

EEJITS - US appoints Bob Bradley as coach

Will the usual suspects attempt to defend this decision.? The leadership of US Soccer can just f %ck off. In my opinion, this is comparable to Bush's decision to award Bremer the Medal of Honor. Well done. "Bob Bradley's record of success in MLS and in the development of American players gives us great confidence in his ability to begin the process of preparing the U.S. National Team for its next four-year programming cycle,” said Gulati in making the announcement. “Those unique traits will also serve him extraordinarily well in our Olympic Team effort as we build towards China in 2008.” With 124 career victories, Bradley is the winningest coach in the history of MLS, winning one MLS Cup and two U.S. Open Cup titles with the Chicago Fire, including The Double in 1998 during the club’s inaugural season. During his 12-year MLS career as a head or an assistant coach, Bradley’s team’s qualified for the playoffs every year. " source -

England Under-21 Keeper in Roasting Video

Apparently he's a winker too.

Thursday, December 7

Die Sinneswandel!

New management, same result. Another USSF SS in the making...

Monday, December 4


So its happened, we have been given a 4th match (at least) with Liverpool this season as we have them in the nonsense cup next week and the real cup in January. I spoke to Richard Liverpool tinted specs Hughes yesterday and his comments were "Liverpool have no chance, we have an Iberian at the helm who plays more dour football than Houllier and we are no longer the best team in Liverpool".

Cant say I am thrilled with the draw but it could have been worse, we could have had Charlton or Macclesfield.

Thierry Henry

A 3-0 win over the Spuds and all anyone is writing about is the split. Being a footy blog i suppose I should give my thoughts. Here it is, Henry needs a holiday. Like most of the Frenchies that come through Arsenal's door, he tends to underperform in the first half of the season because he is French and is tired, or jet lagged or whatever. It happened last year that for whatever reason he wasnt ready for the season and frankly I couldn't care less why - as like Vieira and Pires before its an attitude problem.

There maybe an injury but everything I read suggests its mental. Wenger has cracked and basically kicked him out and I think would have been just as happy not to see him at the Emirates this weekend but he showed up. I think Henry is the greatest player we have ever had but Henry must remember that an 80% Henry isnt enough even it has garnered 7 goals. 100% Henry would have had 12 goals. Footballers often have egos and last year put us all through the ringer (like Vieira did twice) and then stayed - but there is no point in staying and then thinking all he has to do is turn up.

Fergie kicked out Ruud and Roy because thats what it came to and in both cases did the right thing. I dont want this to happen to Henry but Wenger has to change things and that's what he is doing now - man management. "You can sod off for 6 weeks Henry and I wont pick you because you are not bigger than the club". I hope it works otherwise we will be collecting 25 million for him this Summer.

Henry should NEVER have been made captain, I said that at the time and I stand by it - he is someone the team should be built around yes, but not the fella to lead it. I am not saying sell Henry by any means but I do welcome Wenger letting Henry know that he has to fight for his place. Its going to be a very interesting month for us - not to mention an interesting week with Porto away and then Chelsea...