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Monday, July 3

The US Legacy of 2006 - Bye Bye Adu

It's all smiles for this tosspot now but will US supporters be smiling when Freddy Adu selects Ghana. Michael Essien has encouraged Adu to join him at Chelsea and for Ghana. Well of course he would have to say that, can't make too much out of news articles. But who would you want for your mentor, Michael Essien or Landon Donovan.


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    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 11:33 AM  

  • I haven't put much faith in Adu since day one, unlike US Soccer, Nike and his agent, Rich Motzkin. They all conspired to get him in MLS when, as a hot commodity after the U17 World Championships, a lot of teams in Europe were ready to sign him. They sugar-coated his mom with money and gifts, promising her untold future goodies after her son leads the USA to the promised land (Project 2010?). Now, he's languishing with DC United - scrimmaging against local colleges around the capitol and playing against MLS clubs (like my local Revolution, who recently lost a friendly 2-1 to Boston College!). So, instead of training against top flight competition from senior team members at Chelsea, Arsenal, Barca or AC Milan for the past two years, he's been receiving challenges from players at Georgetown University, Norfolk College, etc. I feel sad for him, actually. If he was smart, which he isn't, he would go back to Ghana and sign with a first-rate European side. Problem is, it might be too late. As for dare you place Landycakes in the same sentence with that term?

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 11:33 AM  

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