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Monday, June 26


Frank's goals helped us qualify. I'm told he's had the most shots in the world cup. Frank Lampard needs to be dropped.

Last game he was woeful. Infact all the WC he's been woeful - but against Ecuador he was *very* woeful. How many bad shots and easy through balls did he mess up? It always broke down when it went through him.

4-5-1 is always stylistically challenging. We have five players trying to play one in. Fairly easy to mark when you have the lack of invention and movement England displayed.

England Action Plan:

  • Drop Lampard.
  • Play Crouh up with Rooney, slightly withdrawn.
  • Carrick to stay in the side.
  • Hargreaves to stay as right back.
  • Carragher to be kept as a utility sub
  • Walcott for Rooney after 70 mins


  • Hughes bring the harshness!
    But pretty accurate to be honest.

    Lampard has had a shocker and if he was playing better we would look better - middlemen that are crap really bring down the side.
    Carrick had a good game and probably should stay in, 4-5-1 agaisnt Portugal may be the way to play for another 1-0 but I would prefer we went at them so 4-4-2 with Crouch and Rooney sounds good.
    We wont see Walcott - he would have come on yesterday if at all.

    England's movement is poor, we keep the ball nicely but without any threat as people dont move and we arent good at 1-2's. 4-5-1 wont work for us as we still hoof it long too much.
    Big fan of Hargreaves this Cup - he has proven his worth as he has already done at one of europe's top sides. Good for him.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:40 AM  

  • fantastic picture that Rich.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:41 AM  

  • McLaren still looking for assistants: PLEASE apply. (Note: Walcott for Rooney only if leading by two goals or more). I like Carrick and Hargreaves on the field at the same time because they never quit. Frankie is in a rut. It's mental. Sit him for a match and, if they advance to the semifinals, bring him on as a sub. This current form isn't his best, that's for sure. I like your points. Now, what is the action plan for the USA...

    1. Get flamethrower.
    2. Burn down headquarters in Chicago.
    3. Fire every coach on men's side.
    4. Admit that MLS is not on a par with the top domestic leagues around the world.
    5. Round up 500 Hispanic and 500 African-American youths under age 10 who show athletic prowess, put them into soccer concentration camps, let ferment for a decade with new coaches (no one with an NSCAA or USSF license, please).
    6. Pass a resolution in congress forbiding former national team players from entering any announcer's booth (Eric Wynalda exempt - at least he's brutally honest).
    7. Sell/loan the best of the kids from the concentration camps to European clubs (25-30 would be ideal).
    8. Assemble players for international friendlies and tournaments.
    9. Discontinue signing aging and past-their-prime foreign players to MLS in the hope of selling tickets (Luis Hernandez and Lothar worked out quite well).
    10. Never, ever come up with any plan with the word "project" in front of it...
    11. Discontinue using the word "historic" in every press release. (US Soccer's historic win in Poland friendly for example)
    12. Win something, anything.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 10:46 AM  

  • All of Hughesy's observations here are correct and should be obeyed. Especially dropping Lamps. Just can't wait for him to find his range again.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 9:41 AM  

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