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Friday, June 30

Who's the next Gareth Southgate?

Well, the friggin' Germans have done it once more. I watched, in anguish, as the clock ticked down in the second period of extra time against Argentina. I knew what was coming: those guys just never lose penalty kick shootouts. I selected England over Argentina in the final, off the mark as usual, but now my worst nightmares appear on the verge of being confirmed for the seemingly millionth time. England will beat Portugal, then Brazil, only to fall to Germany in - you guessed it - a shootout. It was bad enough actually rooting for Argentina today; having to suffer through the prospect of Germany winning the WC on their own soil (again) will be unbearable. The fact that Terry wears the #6 now is a bit of a consolation. As for the first quarterfinal match, FANTASTIC commentary by Balboa regarding Lehmann. For those of you not fortunate enough to hear the wit and wisdom of this member of the US Soccer Hall of Fame (apparently, you need not be a member of an actual championship team at ANY level to qualify), well, you're missing genius.


  • More Balboa...what an impressive CV:

    How about that 1999, huh? "Anchoring" the USA's third place finish in the Confederations Cup.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 4:00 PM  

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