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Monday, July 3

Missing Persons Report - Simon Burke

Come on Simon, it's been three days since the defeat. Surely you must have something to post. Can't believe that Lampard stated he took his penalty well. Ricardo might be good at stopping penalty kicks but he had some help. Also, liked Crouch's "the lads are all gutted but we'll go back to the hotel and have a chat". About what exactly? That was the last World Cup for many in the team. Dark days indeed and the knives have been sharpened for Sven. Tactics and team selection are the problems. Hope Theo Walcott had an enjoyable holiday in Germany whilst Defoe and SWP were in England. Joe Cole should not have been subbed. Crouch should not have been the only option up front and Gerrard and Lampard should have to work for their place in the middle.


  • Sorry fellas, had no email since Friday - just returned to America late last night. Had hoped to hang out in the terminal sending scumbags back to Lisbon but didnt get time. Game was hard to watch - Rooney .. well, its Rooney isnt it. Then England valiantly held on for penalties and could have snatched a win a couple of times.. but like 98 we lose. Gutted. I thoroughly hate the Portuguese - they roll, they cheat, they get players carded, they are the leas sporting team in history - rumours of bribing the Koreans in 2002, 3 of them suspended in 2000 after crowding ref in Euro 2000, and now the games against holland and england. Disgraceful they are.
    I dont know what you all saw but the BBC were good and showed the Ronaldo wink after he got Rooney sent off and this clip from Youtube tells you what Shearer thinks - the footage stops just short of Rooney getting a small headbutt from Ronaldo just prior to kickoff as the Portuguese went on a mission to wind up Wayne. Scum.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:42 AM  

  • Also - in case you missed the argentina brawl - not sure if US TV Cut it off by then.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 11:10 AM  

  • Great work on the video clips, Simon. Hopefully, McLaren will bring on Shearer to his staff - I love the fact that he recommends Rooney should go in hard on Ronaldo in training. Also, yes, the USA coverage cut off the end of the match between Argentina/Germany. ABC just had to go back to the studio IMMEDIATELY to get Julie Foudy's insight on the contest. As for the Portugese, they can all rot in hell.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 11:39 AM  

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