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Monday, July 31

Last years top 5 transfer dealings.

Finally Arsenal are getting moving - after sneaking Rosicky its been quiet but we are snapping up a cheap Ghanaian who had a great World Cup, Shilla Illiasu. Apparently this African will cost us 1 million and is another good Wenger find I think. We need a left back and probably are getting SWP .. or Baptista.. If we improve the away form we will be in their for 2nd or 3rd. If we don’t its 5th.

United seem to have paid 18 million for Michael Carwreck. I point out that Arsenal didn’t want him for a third of the price 2 years ago. Still its a start and United have paid that 'United Tax'. If they can get Senna for 5 million then United fans have a reason to care about the season - do they stick with Rossi/Smith/Solskjaer as back up to Rooney/Saha? Should be enough I think. Vidic and Evra should be 'adjusted' by now. I don’t rate Evra but Vidic I think will do fine. If United could get Tevez I think they would be a great team. Also they should consider Luca Toni who I think would do well for them. 20 goal a season Ruud will be hard to replace.

Liverpool have signed 100 players, I cant list them all but 2 of them are headcases, Bellamy and Pennant. I wouldn’t have taken Bellamy - they are linked with Kuyt still as well. For a team that likes 4-5-1 (and Crouch is the one) they are bulking up a bit on strikers. Bellamy wont enjoy being on the bench. I don’t see why they are loading up on wingers (Kewell, Zenden, Gonzalez, Gerrard, Riise, Pennant). Too many players there. Still they have a huge squad now to pick from and I think will have a good season. I have them as second this year

Chelsea - lost a fair few players, going to kick out SWP as well but will still win league comfortably as they will have Ballack, Shevchenko and probably Ashley. Not to mention they picked up Kalou for extra cover up top.

Tottenham - WHERE DOES THEIR MONEY COME FROM? Well, apparently Manchester now but prior to Carrick they were still getting in lots of players. Going to be tough to keep out of the top 4 this year. I hope Zokora is crap.


  • Simon - apparently you weren't swayed by Rafa's high tech video replay equipment (gps tracking and the like). I think Liverpool have signed exactly the types of players they need to benefit their current squad - Bellamy, though chaotic, will be remarkable this campaign because he's just the type of loose cannon the Kop wants to push to greatness. ManUtd are in trouble; they're signings don't impress me and, while I like Carrick and still hold out hope he'll do well internationally, I think he's going to be a bit overwhelmed with the spectacle that is Old Trafford. Saha-Rooney-Rossi? Only one ball on the pitch.

    Though, clearly, a ManCity supporter, I see Arsenal winning the league. This is the year that Chelsea implode. Only United have won 3 EPL titles in a row (and two in a row twice) so the odds of Chelsea equalling that mark are, with the improved talent (again) in the league, unlikely. I don't care about Roman's dinner pal or the German malcontent, either. Makelele drives that team more than anyone else and he gets fuck-you coverage from the press.

    Get the engraving tool out as here are the top seven finishers for the 2006-07 season:

    1. Arsenal
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    4. Manchester City
    5. Manchester United (one point under the ManCity)
    6. Tottenham
    7. Fulham

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 6:20 PM  

  • P.S. I am the artist formerly known as GAC. Had to upgrade my profile for a Chicago Marathon blog I'm doing...sorry about the lame pic!

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 6:22 PM  

  • I don't know how anybody can pick their top 3, 5 or 7 until silly season is over. I mean, United could, in theory, go and Torres and Macherano his week. Don't think they will but I am waiting a week or two before I submit my picks (I believe I had the top 3, fa cup and league cup right last season so there)

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 8:34 PM  

  • Alright GAC.

    If you're comming to chicago, Fancy a bevvy or dinner? My treat.

    By Blogger Rich Hughes, at 11:06 PM  

  • Just to clarify....

    Zenden will be figure in a more central role this year, as we've offloaded Hamman to Man Shity.

    That leaves us with Speedy Gonzalez and Kewell to share the left flank and Pennant and Stevie to share the right flank - hardly

    Riise will be sharing duties at left back with our first Brazilian Aurelio.

    Bellamy and Pennant are gonna inject some much needed pace (with ability..) to our attack, which is what we severly lacked last year when we went to places like Stamford bridge and Old Trafford.

    We're shaping up nicely so far and whilst being a tad nervous about our two new bad boys, I think they'll be ok. 2nd should be a very realistic target this season, but there's still a few weeks left for some more surprises.

    By Blogger Stand up if you hate Man u, at 12:28 AM  

  • I will admit that I have only seen him a few times but am I alone in thinking that Kuyt is absolute rubbish?

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 12:18 PM  

  • Yep, he's crap and all the talk i have heard on him has been his agent saying more money is needed by teams else Kuyt will stay at Feyenoord. Sounds like another agent trying to get a big slice to me.
    As for Kuyt himself, decent in the air, plays wing or center forward, both averagely in my opinion but again based on limited viewings. Heard the other day that they are thinking of having Testimonials for players who have been linked with at least 20 clubs and this man fits the bill. He is up there in the Benny McCarthy level of transfer bullshit. He isnt worth more than Ruud and he wont come to Old Trafford.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 12:24 PM  

  • Also can someone please buy Ashley Cole from us, he is annoying me now and I just want him gone - preferably to Spain with Baptista coming the other way. Wouldnt mind swapping Reyes for Robinho either. Instead we will give him to Chelsea for 25million and probably get nothing in return and Wenger will hide the cash under his bed instead of buying a replacement.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 12:26 PM  

  • "Also can someone please buy Ashley Cole from us, he is annoying me now and I just want him gone"

    Didn't you say the same about Henry not so long ago?

    Cole is a prat and deserves to be at Chelsea with slimy Pete.If he was a United player I would not eant him to ever wear the jersey again. Think of the abuse Rio got for just being seen with Kenyon. Let him rot in the reserves until Chelsea come up with 20+ million.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 12:33 PM  

  • Aye, I did say sell henry but then since i bad mouthed him he got his act together and from January on was brilliant and Adebayor seems to be a good partner for him.
    As for Cole - perfect solution there - bench him and Chelsea who dont fancy Bridge will have to stump up the cash. I have no idea why they pretend to worry about the odd million. Word is they deliberately paid over the odds for Shevchenko so as to have the British transfer record....

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 12:40 PM  

  • Gac - hadnt forgot your comment there about City finishing above United - no chance as much as I would love it. But no chance. You want to make sure you finish above 18th before anything else.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 12:41 PM  

  • Again, I think that was some GAC tongue-in-cheek guff.

    Was just rising you about Henry. He obviously saw your post and turned things around.

    Any chance of getting a predictor going again this season Simon, oh king of Excel? Maybe there is some online service we can use?

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 12:48 PM  

  • Definitely can get some predictor thing going and of course the Yahoo premiership if they run it this year (strong rumour they werent). By predictor are you talking weekly results or end of season - had a hard time chasing people up for weekly submissions.
    As for Henry he does read this blog and to take crap from a partial Saints fan who lives near Watford was too much for him and then he knew he had to concentrate on scoring more than just 10 goals past City every year.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 12:56 PM  

  • I mean the weekly thing. I'll look around for some online option as well. will save you having to chase lads weekly. Bastards better pay me when I win again this time.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 1:08 PM  

  • Some ones to consider:

    I am a big fan of yours though Simon. Maybe a few of us can take turns sending out the updated spreadsheet every week and pushing lads to get their predicitons in?

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 1:17 PM  

  • I wouldnt mind doing the one I do again - just a case of how many folks I can keep interested. I have noted down 7 here who I think would do it for the long haul with another 10 who will flip flop about like moaner Esch and slacker Patrick. How many do you think you can get into it? Getting payment is another issue, last time it was clear that several werent going to fork out anything so hence there was no cash for you, me and another lad.

    Rodney Marsh's website screwed me last year and the other one sounds interesting as we can set up private groups which is useful if we can get a fair few in.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 1:28 PM  

  • There is also another thing, Suicide Pools - Americans use it for American football and its nice. You pick one team in week one if they win you go to week 2 - if they lose you are out. Everyone picks a team and they can be the same teams - you just can never pick the same team again - by week 6 you are praying for Bolton to beat Villa - dont know what you'd do with draws?

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 1:29 PM  

  • I was just joking about the money. A league table which proves my brilliance at the end of the season is fine. Maybe you can buy a cheap trophy and send it to me :-)

    I can definitely get 3-5 guys who would consistently play. It only takes 2 min to fill them up (less for others, who shall remain nameless, who I noticed just copied Lawro each week). What else do we do on a Friday afternoon?

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 1:37 PM  

  • Advantage Arsenal... Gallas is going to tell Chelsea to go F8ck themselves.

    That will be 30 million please Chelsea cos Gallas wont play for you and treated Bridge so poorly he will never fit in.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 2:26 PM  

  • PS) JOhn I will put my brain to work on a format for a league here and predictions.. with the season getting close I will aim for posting out rules and join up info next week..

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 2:27 PM  

  • Once again, I would recommend fantasy They score it as follows: goal / clean sheet - 3pts, assist 2 pts, for each defender - 2goals conceded (-1pt), 3 goals conceded (-2pt) etc.

    My proper fantasy league, i.e. has a 6 hour auction, uses the site but they also have a league where you have a budget and can then spend accordingly. It is not a free league though

    By Blogger Chris P, at 3:09 PM  

  • THats the problem, the freeness - how many of the cheapskates that we know would pay for it... Yahoo has confirmed they are running the league again this year - for most people the familiarity of it as well as the freeness is a big pull.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 3:17 PM  

  • Providing find a way of balancing making money on players with being able to buy anyone after week 6, I think they're good / easy to adminsister.

    By Blogger Rich Hughes, at 4:33 PM  

  • I will not participate in yahoo. Set a team each year and then lose interest due to their inexplicable scoring system. Your striker bottles it four times - 30 pts. Your striker scores a goal - 8 pts. It's also won and lost in the first week by successfully picking the imports at f%^k all prices whose values quickly soar. That sets the course for the rest of the season

    By Blogger Chris P, at 4:45 PM  

  • Or do you lose interest due to your inexplicably low score? ;-)

    Isn't real football heavily determined by who does the right transfer business at the beginning of the season?

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 5:35 PM  

  • Count me in for your weekly predictor Burkie.

    By Blogger Stand up if you hate Man u, at 2:03 AM  

  • Yes John. The right dealings. I've done alright in my real fantasy league that involves a draft and a lot of bluffing. Yahoo is shite and I can't be bothered.
    If you read my posting a little bit more closely you'd see my main complaint is the inexplicable scoring system.
    But have fun playing. It's a f%%king great league.
    I don't think I even checked the table in yahoo after the third week last year so to save you from feeling chuffed about yourself I will not even enter a team this year

    By Blogger Chris P, at 9:16 AM  

  • Chris mate, I am not sure what you mean? Do you not like Yahoo? PLease when posting stop sitting on the fence and tell us what you really feel :)

    I agree on Yahoo, it can be a bit suspect in the scoring for it has some good merits - the surprise about a player scoring 30 a week when you expected worse makes logging in on Monday fun sometimes - knowing about what the good transfers are, is intregal to real football, last I checked there was no draft in soccer (not that I am opposed to it but if you are going on realism..)

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 9:52 AM  

  • Weekly predictors only work for me if I phone them in to burkie whilst driving and he types them in for me.

    By Blogger Rich Hughes, at 10:34 AM  

  • There is something not quite right about you saying you are in a "real fantasy" league.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 10:36 AM  

  • This is sadly true... and Ian I will let you in once yuo admit Liverpool have 40 too many players!

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:37 AM  

  • ...and one giraffe too many.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 10:37 AM  

  • Chris - how much do you pay for that other one anyway?

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 2:52 PM  

  • Let's just pick one bloody f-ing fantasy league and be on with it!!! All of you guys are basically playing for second place after me, so I suggest you don't invest too much cash into it.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 3:26 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 3:38 PM  

  • Rich - I'm up for a few pints in Chicago AFTER the marathon!!! Going to see UCLA v. Notre Dame college football game on the Saturday (10/21) before the race, but will be in the downtown area and look forward to meeting you and discussing soccer and, of course, checking out the Chicago babes (but I can only look because I'm now living with my girlfriend!). Devitt sends me emails each day claiming he misses me. Sad, really. Of course, I delievered a CRUSHING tackle on him last night in a pick-up game which he considered a foul. Typical soft Arsenal player.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 3:39 PM  

  • That picture of your disturbs me GAC. Can we invest in a bra or something?

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 3:47 PM  

  • The pro version (non-draft version) is 1-15 pounds depending on options. I'm in the "Professional" league with a group of lads. It probably costs about the same. The website is

    By Blogger Chris P, at 4:43 PM  

  • that should read 10 - 15 pounds

    By Blogger Chris P, at 4:44 PM  

  • GAC - nice one fella - I live downtown so that should be no problems.

    maybe I cxan sneak you into a game or there'll be some on telly..

    By Blogger Rich Hughes, at 9:19 AM  

  • I have done a speed read of the above 40 posts:

    1. Man City 4th = Guff pick of the year. Lotta chutzpah there.
    2. Cashley Arseh*le must go. Archetype of all thats bad in the "modern footballer".
    3. GAC photo must go. No comment on your lame comments.
    4. In for fantasy - no Yahoo!
    5. Kuyt = sh*te
    6. No mention of Arsenal's #1 need - one more central defender, and Cygan on a free to Fehnerbache to partner Sol!!
    7. I am a slacker, spot on Burke. Now "put your brain to work" and find us a quality fantasy league

    By Blogger Boston Gooner, at 12:10 AM  

  • Thanks for clearing EVERYTHING up for me, b-gooner. I'm going to keep the photo as I've received fan mail from a village in Botswhana.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 10:21 AM  

  • I am thinking of running a poll - the VOTE Boston Gooner off the blog forever poll - its one thing to mock Ashley Cole but you mocked me! bassad..
    Patrick you are the cheapest man I know - you doing a pay fantasy league is a laugh, I used to have get money back from you by going through your couch and stealing quarters!

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 12:17 PM  

  • And Boston Gooner ... you were the hardest of all to get weekly picks from - often I had to send people to your house to get weekly picks, the IMF paid me for weeks just sit here and write emails chasing you up! Lazy slack bassad.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 12:20 PM  

  • Boston Gooner is also fond of draping his O-30 team's damp jerseys all over his living room furniture (too cheap to run the dryer twice), disappearing for nights on end with a mysterious girlfriend (I met her twice in six months), reclining on his couch wrapped in Arsenal gear watching Julie Foudy highlight videos AND proudly displaying bruises on his body that look like jellyfish. I saw him sprint once: the Domino's guy was ringing the buzzer.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 12:32 PM  

  • I thought he was the dominos' guy! Patricks mysterious girlfriend is Michelle Lissel from Fox Soccer Channel.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 12:42 PM  

  • George, GAC, you misunderstood.

    The photo scares us!

    By Anonymous A Village in Botswana, at 6:32 PM  

  • Simon, at this point, I want to keep Cashley just to kick around for another season. Name him to the first 11 against Zagreb, sub him immediately after the kick-off. Then play him exclusively in the Carling Cup.

    A year of that. Send a message once and for all.

    Dirk Kuyt? Dutch phrase meaning useless and overrated. Glad to have seen him play in the WC so we could see once and for all that he's beneath consideration at any price.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 6:38 PM  

  • Famine, drought, war, low GNP... these are all things we can take. But that photo? (shudder)

    By Anonymous A Village In Botswana Continues, at 6:43 PM  

  • "What's wrong with sexy?" Nigel Tufnel

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 7:59 PM  

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