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Monday, May 1

Good riddance Sunderland (mention of todays games)

Watched Sunderland roll over today against Arsenal, and they were very good at niggly fouls and pushes and ankle tappers once the ball had gone. I was at the 85th minute and delighted to see the back of them , then came some horror tackle from their nameless faces on Diaby. Terrible foul and just a yellow - replay clearly showed it was worthy of a prison sentence. Delighted to see these hoofers goig down, teams like that don't belong in the Premiership. Also keep eyes out for Luke Cattermole of Boro - another fella who cant time a tackle. He was kicking us when we trounced them 7-0 and he has a quality foul on Park today...


  • While it's nice to see a clogging team go back to out of the division, I always looked at Sunderland as being just simply hopeless--even too hopeless to adhere to the Piltdown Doctrine set down by Fat Sam. If they'd been capable of even the odd horror tackle earlier, they could be at least scrapping to avoid relegation. As it was they simply were the worst Premiership team since the 2004/05 West Brom. Surely that team with Jason Roberts up front heaving his ungainly frame around was just them taking the piss. It sure looked like it.

    But with Sheffield United, and Leeds, and even Preston in the mix to come up, there's worse to come next season.

    By Blogger gooner71, at 7:36 PM  

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