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Wednesday, March 22

America has an awesome record in Europe against the big 5 (Spain, Italy, England, France, Germany). As of today they have won 0, lost 9. Scored 4, conceded 26. A weakened team for sure today but crushed...


  • Don't worry, all of the brainwashed apologists for US Soccer will soon be chiming in with how this wasn't our first team, blah-blah-blah. I guess that wasn't our first team against England last year in Chicago, either (2-1 loss, I was there). When are people going to wake up to the reality that we don't even go 11 deep??? It's three-and-out for us this summer. I will shave my head if we advance out of our group! Oh, and that pitter-patter of feet in the background is the rest of the world catching up - and passing us - in women's soccer! (at least our boys will never have that problem)

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 9:44 PM  

  • Esch, do you wanna give me some in-depth analysis of how this was your D team and how this is all part of the masterplan.

    By Blogger Stand up if you hate Man u, at 9:32 AM  

  • Brainwashed. Thanks, buddy, but I feel pretty comfortable with what I know and how long I've cared about the national team. But let's be clear. You used the plural. Unless there are others lurking, I'm the only apologist for the national team on this blog. It was Paul Caligiuri's hair in 1989 that did it to me, really. I've never been the same since - kind of in a trance. Three and out? Sure, it can happen, just as most people predicted it would happen to us in Japorea. It's a bit cliched, admittedly, but our first match will speak volumes for our chances. As good as Portugal were supposed to be last time around, the Czechs seem a more serious test. Are we 11 deep? What, like England at the moment? Uh, no, but no one here would be silly enough to suggest that we are (at least until Andras shows up). Like anyone at this stage in the WC run-up, it's about form and fitness. If our best players are fit, I'll worry about form later. Iano (I'm assuming that's you), I won't offer any master plan and didn't beforehand. This was an out-and-out friendly for us, and Arena treated it as such. Germany, you may have noticed, were under a bit of pressure to get a result, but that's another story entirely. GAC, glad to know you were in Chicago - so was I. Where the women's game is concerned, good for the rest of the world. Let them catch and pass us.

    By Blogger Glazer Shmazer, at 10:03 AM  

  • Hmmm, Who is Standup if you hate Man U? His words sounds familiar???

    As for GAC, I have a question? You seem to be American yet you seem to hate everything that is American about football - you go to Chicago but who were you cheering? You are like the worst of the Arsenal fans, we always used to believe the worst and then would often surprise ourselves and string together 2 passes on the floor. You though, you seem to almost enjoy when America is beat??

    By Anonymous merskamp, at 11:30 AM  

  • Love it or leave it you godless yellow bellies

    By Anonymous Joe Bob Smith, at 12:27 PM  

  • While the average GAC would hold this result as a litmus test, to the trained football eye this was a "friendly" pitting two sides with totally different agendas.

    By Blogger The Galloping Major, at 12:44 PM  

  • "Stand up if you hate Man u" must be Iano. His patented referral to people by only their surnames is the giveaway e.g. "Esch, do you wanna give me some in-depth analysis"

    One thing I would say is that the American boys have put a lot of weight in friendly results in the past so, if you blow them out of proportion when you win, this will happen when you lose.

    The big difference here of course is that they had a very weak team out. Who in God's name are these guys:

    Cory Gibbs , Jimmy Conrad, Steve Cherundolo; Kerry Zavagnin; Chris Klein, Brian Ching

    People called Cory shouldn't be allowed play. Is he nationally ranked?

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 1:31 PM  

  • Quite agree - Cory's are the worst thing about this country. Many skill less yet fit Cory's running around making me hate them.

    And yes, Americans who have put a LOT of stock in friendlies will no doubt claim this wasnt an important one - I know cos we had an unimportant one last year and sent the b/c squad over - but then we won that...

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 2:08 PM  

  • I would bore a few of the pedestrians on this blog if I listed my footballing credentials, but suffice it to say I will gladly stack them against any of the hacks (glazer shmazer and the galloping major come to mind - I've forgotten more about Puskas than you will ever know, might I add) who insist on blowing smoke about how grand the ole' USofA is on the pitch. Fitness over form at the moment? Uh, aren't these lads supposed to be professionals? It's just a few months away from the WC and we got drubbed 4-1 by a team that just got drubbed 4-1 by a team in our group? Encouraging, apparently, to merskamp (is that nazi slang for dolt?), who finds wry amusement in my honest appraisal of the kids in red, white and blue. I was at the USA match against Brazil in early 1998 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with 14,000 people in a stadium that holds over 95K...were you? We won that match, 1-0, against Romario and company...and I had high expectations.

    Then I went to France...gee, that was fun! Jeff Agoos was brilliant! I was at the match with Germany, the match with Iran, the match with Yugoslavia. I stopped drinking the US Soccer kool-aid in Nantes after the 1-0 loss to the Slavs. From reading these posts, a few of you haven't. I don't revel in losses - I'm just realistic enough not to set myself up for disappointment like some wanna-be athlete (or AYSO referee) who belongs to Sam's Army!

    An ass-whipping is an ass-whipping is an ass-whipping. Arena apologized for scheduling the match? Well, that's some confidence for the supposed 5th best team in the world!



    I live with a bloody Arsenal fan! Now, that's painful!

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 8:11 PM  

  • Oh, one more thing: Simon Burke knows his shite. The rest of you suck balls.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 8:13 PM  

  • *yawn* Thanks for that. So you cared enough to go to France after seeing us play Brazil, but the real knowledge in the USA now resides only with the purists like yourself who bailed after that? Good for you, pal. Real fans stick with a team through the tough times, but I'm sure as a Citeh supporter you know all about that. If you had something intelligent to say about the problem of MLS playing off cycle with the rest of the world (which might have something to do with our boys lacking match fitness at the moment), that would be one thing. As it is, you apparently would rather wrap yourself in the insularity of...well, I'm not sure what...but you get what you deserve living with an Arsenal fan. So sorry I wasn't at that match in '98, but I did manage to fly to SF for USA v. Brazil in 1994. Hope you were able to make it there to see Tab Ramos have his skull cracked.

    By Blogger Glazer Shmazer, at 10:02 PM  

  • This is fuckin great. And for once I am not in the middle of it.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 11:06 PM  

  • Hey, he said "the rest of you" which, I think, includes you. I'll be posting my footie CV later in response to that AYSO. I think GAC was nationally ranked.

    By Blogger Glazer Shmazer, at 9:05 AM  

  • Yes but I don't suck balls (except those Malt Balls....those are addictive) and I obviously know much more than Simon.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 9:40 AM  

  • GAC

    It'a all very well for Patrick to invite you on this board and then you start having a go at everyone on here.

    Your hostility is totally misplaced. You're basically shadow boxing on here. You have an agenda and want to take a pop at your opponents yet your opponents are not really on here but you go ahead all the same.

    Who on here wrote that the US team was the bees knees or stated that the US was deserving of their 5th place ranking? No one did.

    The only one posting about the US team is you.

    Direct your anger elsewhere.

    By Blogger Chris P, at 9:50 AM  

  • Aye to be fair - i know more than John O Toole. John called me last night as he couldnt remember the name of the fella that won the league for Arsenal at Old Trafford a couple of years ago - it was Sylvain Wiltord, John. Happy to help.
    As for GAC, might want to tone it down a tad - arent you supposed to sort of cheer your team rather than rip everyone who does support them? Just a thought. Slagging off Roy Keane tends to bring everyone together here.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:26 AM  

  • "arent you supposed to sort of cheer your team rather than rip everyone who does support them"

    This from the lad who spent the first half of the season laughing at United only to check the league table around Christmas and notice Arsenal were fifth and Ashley Cole had a mobile phone up his arse.

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 10:37 AM  

  • Ah yes but thats different than me ripping Arsenal fans for supporting Arsenal! We all rip United - heck Ian's post name says it all! I hope you lose Ruud to Inter!

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:40 AM  

  • GAC - Thanks for the Sam's Army CV, quite the credentials.

    The little fat chap is shaking in his boots. Te Faszkalap!

    By Blogger The Galloping Major, at 10:43 AM  

  • I hope you lose Ashley Cole to "anus -infection from weird phone use syndrome"

    By Blogger TheBusbyBoy, at 10:54 AM  

  • I am sure we will lose him to Galactico wanker syndrome.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:55 AM  

  • As O'toole said, this is great stuff - keep it coming. Can't wait for Esch's footy cv later, I've cancelled a conference call especially.

    By Blogger Stand up if you hate Man u, at 11:24 AM  

  • He had better put on it the years he was a Liverpool fan - also he can mention the Ireland scarf he gave me..

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 11:31 AM  

  • I want the Ireland scarf back. Won't bother posting that CV as it can't possibly compare with GAC.

    By Blogger Glazer Shmazer, at 1:31 PM  

  • When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

    By Blogger George Cuddy, at 12:48 PM  

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