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Monday, March 13

If you were a manager, who would you select...

I've been in many discussions over the years, with friends who know a bit about the beautiful game (not jackholes like Max Bretos), about who we would place in our Best XI if we had to win one game, with one squad, against comparable competition (the all-time greats). I would love to open the debate on this blog, so here's the XI from Greenough Street FC: Schmeichel (Denmark, gk), Alberto (Brazil, rfb), Beckenbauer (West Germany, sw), Moore (England, lfb), Cruyff (Holland, dcm), Pele (Brazil, rm), Puskas (Hungary, lm), Maradona (Argentina, acm), van Basten (Holland, f), Cantona (France, f), Best (Northern Ireland, f). I would start everything through Cruyff so that he could play triangle overlaps with Puskas, Maradona and Pele. The attack would build to Best, who could then lay balls off to van Basten or Cantona to finish (of course, Bestie could do well enough on his own). Alberto makes runs down the right side (see WC70) and "Der Kaiser" acts as libero. My subs would be Eusebio (Portugal), DiStefano (Argentina/Spain), Platini (France), Keane (Ireland), Zidane (France) and MCFC legend Kinkladze (Georgia).


  • Ooh this requires a bit of thinking - I will do it but I am not including subs... Where is my World Cup 90 collection when I need it most - i have forgotten so many of the classic players.

    Goalkeeper: Dk - gotta say Schmeichel as well
    LEFT BACK: It - Maldini
    Right back It - Baresi
    center d1 - Ger - Beckenbauer (sweep)
    center d2 - Eng - B Moore
    Left mid - Hol - Cryuff
    right mid - Bra - Jairzinho
    center mid - Bra - Pele
    center mid 2 - Arg - Maradona
    Striker 1 - Fra - Platini
    Striker 2 - C.Palace - Andy Johnson

    with Zico Brazil - as his backup.

    By Blogger Simon Burke, at 10:43 AM  

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